The Aro Podcast

We talk about screen time and the tension with smartphones, but more than that, we talk about the life that happens once you put down your phone. New episodes drop every week.

Hosted by Joey Odom, Co-Founder of Aro

Hosted by Joey Odom, Co-Founder of Aro

"As a parent fighting for what is best for my kids, in a world that is battling against me at every turn… I appreciate all the great knowledge and wisdom this podcast provides!"

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Meet Joey —

Joey Odom is the co-founder of Aro, a natural storyteller, and a dynamic leader known for his ability to inspire and foster deep connections with others. His own experience with technology as a husband and dad led Joey to help create Aro. Now, Joey’s ultimate goal is to help people change their lives by changing their relationship with technology.

Prior to co-founding Aro alongside Heath Wilson, Joey was a partner and multi-billion dollar producer at national real estate firm, Stan Johnson Co. Joey has been married to his wife Cristin for 18 years and is a proud dad of two teens with cell phones – and yes, they are both avid Aro users.

Joey Odom - Co-Founder of Aro and Host of the Aro Podcast

Joey Odom

Co-Founder, Aro