#52 - How slow living helps you be more present with author of Chasing Slow, Erin Loechner

January 23, 2024
Erin Loechner

Episode Summary

This week on The Aro Podcast, Joey is joined by Erin Loechner, author of Chasing Slow and Founder of the Opt-Out Family movement. Erin, a former social media influencer with over a million followers, shares her journey in the early days of the influencer industry and explains why she decided to step back from the online world to embrace a slower, more intentional life for her family. Joey and Erin discuss the essence of slow living, and how it allows you to truly be present for and around the people in your life. They also touch on Erin's concept of living a life of margin and Erin offers practical tips on how to build this into daily routines. She also gives a sneak peek into her upcoming book, Opt Out Family, and shares valuable advice for parents looking to slow down or opt-out of a technology-dominated world.

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Episode Transcript

Joey Odom (51:38):

The way that Erin communicates, I think is kind of a microcosm of the way she lives her life. She speaks very deliberately, and you can tell if you're that barista on the other side of the counter from her, you can just tell you're going to get someone who's interested in you and who's looking for an opportunity or maybe something that she can help encourage you in, and what a neat thing for people to be on the other side of Erin Loechner. And the cool thing for us, we can be on the other side of it as well. In reading her books, I'd encourage you to go pick up Chasing Slow and be on the lookout for the Opt-Out family. Please go check out all the Reese's sources she mentioned and that are in the show notes, and I'd encourage us all to have this kind of level.

She said that second order thinking of just thinking through, okay, what happens next? What are the implications of this decision? Big or small, what happens next? I think for me, I immediately went to my calendar and how that would change my calendar before saying yes to something or before saying no to something, just asking, okay, what happens next? Based on this decision, very grateful for Erin, her wisdom, her work. Please go check out her blog as well Designed for mankind. Thank you for joining us. Please do share this episode with people around you. We'd really appreciate that. Please go give us a five star rating where you listen to podcasts. Grateful for you. Can't wait to see you again next week on the next episode of The Aro Podcast. The Aro Podcast is produced and edited by the team at Palm Tree Pod Co. Special thanks to Emily Miles for video and digital support, and to our executive producer Aro's own, Katelyn Farley.