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"This app does something that none of the others do - keeps me from picking up my phone!"

Michelle B.

Mom | Wife | Aro Member
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Digital Wellness for Families

More Than Screen Time

Aro is about more than reducing screen time. The app helps you and your family develop a new relationship with your phones - one that says you don't need it with you 24/7.  

Because when you change your relationship with your phone, you change everything.

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Conquer Your Willpower

Create Healthy Habits

Aro is built on the principles of habit formation and motivational design.


Receive reminders throughout the day to take breaks from your phone. Aro even notifies you when someone in your family starts an Aro session so you can join them.


Whether you are a parent trying to be more present at home or you want to get your kids off their phones, everyone holds each other accountable with the app.

Progress Tracking

What can be measured can be improved. Aro shows you how much phone-free time you've logged and how you have spent that time.

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"Learning to put away my phone as a keystone habit every day has been crucial to my staying mentally healthy and present with my wife and four boys."

Justin Whitmel Earley

Justin Whitmel Earley

Author, Habits of the Household
Questions? We've got answers.

Frequently asked questions

Can I subscribe via the app store?

Not yet - The Beta version of the app must be purchased here on the website. We then send you instructions to download the app and activate your subscription.

Does this version of the app work with the Aro box?

This Beta version of the app is not paired with an Aro box. Since we are still in Beta, you may still see references to the Aro box in the app.

How much does the app cost?

Early access to the app costs $9 per month for your entire family. Anyone with a phone in your home can install and use the app.

How does the app track my phone-free time?

The app uses motion sensing in your phone. Rather than relying on app blockers or time limits (which are often ignored), Aro guides you to putting down your phone and not using it.

Does my whole family get access under one subscription?

Yes - everyone in your home gets access under your subscription.

Can I purchase an Aro box after I subscribe to the app?

The best answer is "not yet". We are still implementing the ability to be able to buy an Aro box after you have subscribed to the app. Please note - the box is still only availabe to ship within the United States.

How long is the subscription?

The Aro app is a monthly subscription and can be canceled at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Email us at and we will process you cancellation.

Create Space From Your Phone

How Aro tracks phone-free time

Unlike other screen time solutions that block or limit access to apps, Aro’s unique approach to reducing screen time is centered on helping you develop the habit of putting down your phone.

Aro flip animation
Start a Flip Session

With the tap of a button, the Aro app is ready to start holding you accountable to not touching your phone.

person placing phone on table
Put down your phone

Place your phone on a surface with the screen facing down. The app starts recording the time you don't touch your phone.

person holding phone with Aro app open on the tagging screen
Pick up your phone & log your time

Tag how you spent your time so you can track progress and stay motivated by how you've spent your off-screen time.