#35 - Exploring marriage, parenting, and friendship with Shawn Johnson and Andrew East

October 17, 2023
Shawn Johnson and Andrew East

Episode Summary

This week we have the incredible Shawn Johnson and Andrew East join us to talk about intentionality with your spouse, parenting, and friendship. They share their journey of navigating the unique challenges and rewards that come with having an online presence, both as individuals and as a family. This experience led them to create Family Made, a media network and community centered around the joys and realities of family life. Throughout the episode, Joey sparks some entertaining games that put Shawn and Andrew's knowledge of each other to the test. Beyond the games, this episode is packed with valuable insights. Learn from Shawn, Andrew, and Joey as they discuss the importance of regular relationship check-ins for spouses, the significance of individualized parenting for each child's growth, and the secrets to maintaining meaningful friendships in adulthood.

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Episode Transcript

Shawn Johnson (00:00):

I went professional at 12 and went through this whole media gamut, limelight world all the way until I was probably 19 or 20 when I met Andrew. And I had had an entire career where I learned firsthand as a kid how easily the world around you sways you and changes you. And I went through depression and anxiety and all of these different things in those years and learned firsthand. You have to protect yourself. And I remember when I first met Andrew, it was like the first week we were dating, he took me to his lake house and I could tell I cared for him so much immediately in my biggest fear. And I had this mental breakdown, panic attack in front of him. I was like, you don't understand what social media will do and will try to do to us. And I said that way back then. What? 

Joey Odom (01:03):

Welcome back to The Aro Podcast, or hey, welcome for the first time to The Aro Podcast. This is Joey Odom, co-founder of Aro. And I could not be more giddy. I said, giddy, giddy for you to listen to this episode, this conversation I had with Shawn Johnson and Andrew East, a k a Powerade. You'll hear a little bit more about that in the episode, but I just re-listened to this conversation and I just giggled. It was so much fun. There's so much fun to be around. They're so funny, so deep. We go into a lot of things. We have a bunch of fun, but then we talk about three different topics and that's sandwiched in between three different games. You probably know that these two are competitors evidenced by Shawn's gold medal and Andrews his career in college and the N F L, but we played three games. 


The three games we played, the price is right, but that's Shawn and Andrew edition. We played the Newlywed Game, but more of like a cutthroat newlywed game, not like on the game shows you see on tv. And then the third one, this is an Aro Podcast original game that I don't know if we'll ever have a chance to do this one again. This one is called Long Snapper or Gymnast. You're going to find out why that game. And here's the fun thing, those three games, there's one winner of this conversation and not often do you have a winner of a podcast, but there was a winner here. And it came down to the very last question. The very last question, determined the winner and one of those two won and have the bragging rights in their home. But we also sandwiched that with three topics. 


One of them is it's their relationship as a couple and advice in other marriages and how to keep your friendship in your marriage alive. Then we talk about them as parents and how they've tailored themselves to their kids and their approach and their parenting. And they're in the middle of it. They have a third one on the way. And then the third one is their intentionality and their friendship. So they have a bunch of different rhythms and scheduled things to keep friendships active, to keep friendships, keep friendships alive and going. And it's really neat how they do that. You're going to love hearing about that. There's a moment when we're talking about parenting, when Shawn is talking about how Andrew has tailored his approach to their kids. They have a daughter Drew and a son Jett and how he's kind of tailored their approaches differently. 


And when she talks about how he goes about it with their daughter, drew, it is the sweetest moment. You're going to love that. And by the way, this was a studio takeover. We took over the couple things studio in Nashville for this interview. So go check it out on YouTube as well. It's super fun. For now, thank you for being here. Sit back, relax and enjoy my super great competitive, fun, funny, deep conversation with Shawn Johnson and Andrew Powerade East Gang. Do you know what happens when you take a commodore and mix it with a golden girl? Magic happens. That's what, and no, I'm not talking about Lionel Richie, the Commodore or Betty White, the Golden girl. I'm talking about two people who have come together to create one power couple. She's America's sweetheart and he's an American ninja warrior. They call her peanut and they call him Powerade. 


While she was dancing with the stars on a, b, C, he was deep snapping with the stars in the N F L first. They made a family and now their family made, they literally made a jet together and a drew and are right in the middle of a third creation. So buckle in because this won't be your typical conversation. True to our guests. This will be a competition. At the end of the show, we're going to crown a winner of this conversation. But for now, let's talk about a couple of things with Peanut and Powerade. Shawn Johnson and Andrew East. Friends, welcome to The Aro Podcast

Andrew East (04:54):

I'm so excited for that. 

Joey Odom (04:55):


Shawn Johnson (04:56):

Just happened? I think that might be the best introduction I've ever had of my life. 

Joey Odom (04:59):

I was very excited. 

Shawn Johnson (05:01):

That was really good. 

Joey Odom (05:02):

I did everything I could to not send this to you before because I was so proud of 

Shawn Johnson (05:05):

It. How did you find Peanut? 

Joey Odom (05:07):

I did. No, we went. I had to go on the dark web. I had to go real deep to get 

Shawn Johnson (05:11):

It. That is real deep dark down there. But that is a thing. 

Joey Odom (05:14):

Peanuts, I mean that was your original nickname, 

Shawn Johnson (05:16):

Right? That was my original nickname. 

Joey Odom (05:18):

Okay, so let's hear about 

Shawn Johnson (05:21):

The head of the U s A Olympic team. I started training under this coach when I was 12, and the first day I walked in, she just called me her little peanut 

Joey Odom (05:34):


Shawn Johnson (05:35):

And peanut was it stuck for a long time. That's amazing. 

Joey Odom (05:39):

Until America's sweetheart. And that kind of took over. 

Shawn Johnson (05:41):

Yeah, that one's hard. 

Joey Odom (05:43):

Yeah, you don't want to give that one up. That's a pretty good one to take. People called me that before you. 

Shawn Johnson (05:47):

I dunno if knew that. You may 

Joey Odom (05:49):

Not have known that. 

Shawn Johnson (05:50):

I did. 

Joey Odom (05:51):

I did. 

Shawn Johnson (05:51):


Joey Odom (05:51):

Did. No, but it's okay. I give it to you. Thanks. 

Shawn Johnson (05:54):


Joey Odom (05:55):

And I got to hear, now this is an interesting one of me, Powerade, this nickname Powerade. I mean, and listen, everybody's talking about it. I can't go anywhere. There's like, oh yeah, Andrew East. They're like, who? And I was like, Powerade. They're like, oh, Powerade, I get that. What the heck? How did this take off so quickly? How is it so big? This whole nickname Powerade that's really catching on right now. Yeah. I 

Andrew East (06:17):

Mean they parallel the rise and fall of that nickname similar to N F T. That whole craze. Well, for those listening, it's a nickname new as of about three weeks ago, created by our very own Joey. No one 

Joey Odom (06:30):

Knows where it came from. It just happened. It just happened. 

Andrew East (06:33):

And it's my initials, which they say, you're not creative, Joey. 

Shawn Johnson (06:40):

That was No, 

Joey Odom (06:41):

No one's ever said that, but yeah, I get you. 

Andrew East (06:42):

But you're incredibly creative. So you took my nicknames, you shoved it into a international brand. And then next thing you know, I get a, what do you call a crop top? 

Shawn Johnson (06:52):

I don't know what that was. The 

Andrew East (06:53):

Lace it 

Joey Odom (06:54):

A fishnet. There was some 

Shawn Johnson (06:55):

Lace in it. It was a 

Joey Odom (06:56):

Fishnet or lace. Let's call it a fish lace 

Andrew East (07:00):

With Powerade 

Shawn Johnson (07:02):

Printed right there. 

Joey Odom (07:02):

Top Silk Tank Top with Powerade. 

Andrew East (07:04):

Thank you very much. So 

Joey Odom (07:05):

Again, Andrew Dean East, that's the a, d e. And obviously you're very powerful, man. So Powerade, it makes sense. When I first heard it, I thought of course, and then heard it from Sweep the Nation. I 

Shawn Johnson (07:14):

Don't even call 

Andrew East (07:14):


Shawn Johnson (07:15):

Like babe or husband anymore, it's just Powerade. 

Joey Odom (07:17):

They were just dropping aid on them. Hey. Yeah, 

Andrew East (07:21):

No, that's, 

Joey Odom (07:22):

Well listen, a couple of great ones. Peanut and Powerade, I don't know that many people except from maybe my parents will understand that. Lionel Richie, the Commodore. Do you guys get that reference? No, I don't. Do you even know who Lionel Richie 

Shawn Johnson (07:33):

Is? Yes. 

Joey Odom (07:34):

So he was in a band called the Commodore. 

Andrew East (07:36):


Joey Odom (07:37):

Powerade here was at Vanderbilt. A Vanderbilt Commodore. You as well were a Commodore for the time. 

Shawn Johnson (07:42):


Joey Odom (07:43):

And you were the golden girl. You won a gold medal and Betty White played in the show Golden Girls. 

Shawn Johnson (07:49):

Yes, I knew that one. 

Joey Odom (07:50):

And I got to be on, we may need to cut that because you really lose all the pizazz of a joke. Can you explain it? So I'm sorry. So that's all on me. So we are in the middle of a studio takeover. 

Shawn Johnson (07:59):


Joey Odom (07:59):

Is the couple things. Studio, we're in Nashville, 

Andrew East (08:02):

We got the RO 

Joey Odom (08:02):

Signed behind us. You're going to want to check it out on YouTube just to see it. And so we're in the middle of a takeover. So thank you for having me here. 

Shawn Johnson (08:09):

Thank you for being here 

Joey Odom (08:10):

To talk to you guys. I'm very excited. And Shawn, you're used to takeovers 

Andrew East (08:15):


Joey Odom (08:16):

Andrew a k Powerade, he takes over your house with his friends all the time. What is this like to have just 

Shawn Johnson (08:25):


Joey Odom (08:26):

Grown men just walking around your house all the time? Generally after getting out of 

Andrew East (08:30):

The sauna or something 

Joey Odom (08:31):

Like that, you're used to takeovers. 

Shawn Johnson (08:33):

I have just gotten used to it when we first started dating. By nature, I'm very introverted. I'm very cute to myself, don't love a lot of company. And over the years, I think you've broken me to a certain extent, babe. I love it. Our house is literally Hotel East. We say we have an open door policy. We probably have on average seven people at our house every other day. And a lot of the times it happens to be sweaty, shirtless men, which I've had single women, girl friends come over and they're like, what is, I'm like, I don't know. 

Joey Odom (09:13):

Stepped into a dream or something, huh? 

Shawn Johnson (09:15):

Yeah, yeah. 

Andrew East (09:16):

It's funny. One of my friends was over the other night and they were like, I can't believe Shawn lets you spend this much time with friends or that Shawn's so social. And it's funny because Shawn's not naturally socialist she was alluding to, but it's like, I guess in marriage you kind of train each other a little bit. 

Shawn Johnson (09:31):

Well, and I do think the compromise that has happened is I love to host. I'm a very hard guest because I feel like I'm out of place, but I love hosting, so being able to open up our home to other people is one of my favorite things. 

Joey Odom (09:46):

When you say if you feel like you're out of place when you're a guest, what do you mean by that? 

Shawn Johnson (09:51):

I don't know. There's something about opening up my home. I feel like I have confidence in hosting. I have confidence in helping and serving people. I have a really hard time being served. Interesting. I dunno how to do that. And I don't know why. It's probably a flaw. I compliments just make me cringe. So I think it's just that dynamic. That's kind of where we found our compromise. You can have as many people over as you want to our house. 

Andrew East (10:17):

You should look into that though, 

Shawn Johnson (10:19):

Probably. That's 

Joey Odom (10:19):


Andrew East (10:19):

Taking a compliment better and being more comfortable. 

Joey Odom (10:22):

No, you know what? I think 

Andrew East (10:23):

You're the best 

Joey Odom (10:24):

Person I've ever met at taking compliments. I'm gaze 

Andrew East (10:27):

Love in your eyes. Just see 

Shawn Johnson (10:28):

How uncomfortable I can make you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Joey Odom (10:32):

I do know what you mean on that though. There is a certain comfort in being your home turf. That's your thing. My wife is a very similar way. Andrew and I, again, very comfortable in a crowd. I think I share that. But then my wife is very much a one-on-one person. 

Shawn Johnson (10:45):


Joey Odom (10:45):

Probably to the point where it seems like she's either shy or maybe even borders on rude sometimes. 

Shawn Johnson (10:51):

Yeah, same. 

Joey Odom (10:52):

But it's just more like, no, I just feel a little bit uncomfortable. 

Shawn Johnson (10:55):


Joey Odom (10:55):

It's impressive how that you've adjusted and you've gotten broken in allowing that many people around you at all times. 

Shawn Johnson (11:02):

I also rely very heavily on Andrew. He is my crutch I've had to host before without him and it's not the same. Having the social butterfly and having my teammate there helps. But 

Joey Odom (11:15):

Andrew, was that always, was that always from day one, just never met a stranger, all that kind of thing? 

Andrew East (11:22):

No, it really wasn't. I feel like it started, shoot. I mean I was pretty introverted myself until When did it change? I mean, since we've been married for sure. Probably 

Joey Odom (11:33):

Right around when you started walking. Eight, nine months. Yeah. 

Andrew East (11:36):

I will say since high school I've found it really exciting to be around people with different perspectives. And I think that's life's greatest adventure is just understanding someone and how different, but maybe similar they are in certain ways. So I did sports all through high school and then my senior year I wanted to do theater just because I was like, these people are so different than me. That's awesome. And then in college I ended up joining. I was super anti frat. I was like, I don't get it. Why would you ever join a frat? So then I was like, actually, I'm going to join a frat. I don't understand it at all. I love that. 

Shawn Johnson (12:14):

None of this sounds like an introverted human, 

Joey Odom (12:16):

By the way, an introvert. 

Andrew East (12:18):

We love getting all these different people thrown into one room and then seeing how they interact. And then when you have a engineer with an athlete, with a theater kid, with a finance, whatever it is, it's almost like a self-selecting process too where it's like, Hey, they were really welcoming to everybody. Let's spend more time with them. You know what I'm saying? So it's not strategic that way, but it does kind of filter itself out. And I just love broad perspectives. 

Joey Odom (12:49):

I feel like that is something that we could use more of. I think that's one thing. I mean, it's just very, either the current is to just find people who are similar to you, look like you. And that requires a bunch to actually go seek that out. Mean especially as you get older, it's you just find yourself, you go to similar, you have the same school, and so you find your people or your kids go to the same school. That's a real challenge. And the discussion today is really on intentionality and I want to break it down in three different phases. The first one, just as a couple talking about the two of you and then as parents and then as friends, friends with others. And we're talking a little bit about that now. But the whole thought of intentionality I think as a backdrop for this discussion with you all is the fact that you are known, right? 


So you're known, you obviously everybody in America knows you and everybody. You have a big following I think in Peru. Is that right? Which is great. No, you guys are, you really legitimately are a power couple. Everybody knows who you are. And one of you, I won't say who is America's sweetheart. You're the face of a media company. So again, not that every marriage doesn't require intentionality, but I would assume this is a question and then as a backdrop, I would assume it requires maybe a little bit more intentionality for you all to not get swept in those things and then say, well hold on, it's Shawn and Andrew. We are together and this is our bedrock, and then it's Jet and Drew and number three on the way, and then we have our circle of friends. Do you think that, and you can't compare to anybody else's experience, you only have yours, but do you think that does require more intentionality to not get caught in that current 

Shawn Johnson (14:34):

A million percent. And I think it's something that we've been aware of and tried to keep reality checks in place ever since we started dating. I felt like before Andrew and I started dating, I'm going to go back for a second, I'll try to summarize it quickly. I went professional at 12 and went through this whole media gamut, limelight world all the way until I was probably 19 or 20 when I met Andrew. And I had had an entire career where I learned firsthand as a kid how easily the world around you sways you and 

Andrew East (15:15):


Shawn Johnson (15:16):

You. And I went through depression and anxiety and all of these different things in those years and learned firsthand. You have to protect yourself. And I remember when I first met Andrew, it was the first week we were dating, he took me to his lake house and I could tell I cared for him so much immediately and my biggest fear and I had this mental breakdown, panic attack in front of him. I was like, you don't understand what social media will do 

Andrew East (15:45):


Shawn Johnson (15:45):

Will try to do to us. And I said that way back then. And I remember trying to explain Twitter to him and how people are going to dissect his life and is this actually something you want to do with me? And I think from that moment forward, I've just had this obsession with checking in and being like, are we good? 

Andrew East (16:10):


Shawn Johnson (16:10):

Need to make sure we're good before the millions of voices that we subject ourselves to every day have an opinion 

Andrew East (16:17):


Shawn Johnson (16:17):

Whatever it is or what it is we're doing in our life. 

Andrew East (16:19):

Let me tweak that a little bit, if you don't mind. 

Shawn Johnson (16:21):


Andrew East (16:22):

I was thinking about this on my drive today. In a lot of ways we're fortunate because our content, our podcast, our conversations that we have publicly are largely about marriage and parenting. So it's almost like an accountability thing where it's like, Hey, I want to be a good example of this. So it starts with us and then when we learn whatever we learn, we will journal and then we'll share it. But I also would say that even though our circumstances might be unique, it's like not everyone's an Olympian and not everyone's been in the limelight since they've been 12. I think everyone has a current that they're trying to fight with intentionality, whatever that looks like. And fortunately, I think it is so beautiful that Shawn at a young age was presented with all of the bells and whistles of life signing the six figure contracts at age 12. Joey, she's on the Ellen show at age 15, and it's like these lifelong goals people have all front loaded in Shawn's life and it's been so beautiful to see her not get caught up in all those now. And now she knows what the best things in life are. And so all of these other derivatives that can get people hung up, whether it be money or fame or whatever it is, it's 

Joey Odom (17:52):


Andrew East (17:53):

She knows that that's not the end game. And if it wasn't for Shawn, me and my big head would have gotten caught up. And so I admire that more and more as every day goes by about Shawn, 

Shawn Johnson (18:06):

Okay, you're going to have to cut us off. We're going to bounce back and forth, back and forth for a long time. Your big head wouldn't have whatever. 

Andrew East (18:14):

Don't talk about my big head. 

Shawn Johnson (18:16):

Whatever you were saying about yourself, you would've gotten carried away. It not that. It's not that 

Joey Odom (18:25):

Big. Yeah, yeah. It's like an eight and a quarter, whatever. Yeah, people talk about it, but don't worry about it. 

Shawn Johnson (18:32):

I think the only perspective difference that I was able to bring to our relationship was I went through it as I feel like every natural human being does. And I was able to kind of take a step back and not coach you through it, Andrew, but say, I kind of see you're wanting to go down this path. I went down it, I learned every hard lesson and I can tell you how I felt when I got through it. I'm not going to stop you from doing it, but I just tried to give perspective. And I also want to add, you say we have these reality checks all the time because our content is marriage and it's like this accountability, but we learned that the hard way by doing purposeless content for so long. 

Andrew East (19:20):


Shawn Johnson (19:20):

And we did things only to make money and we chose career paths and career decisions at different points that didn't intentionally help each other. We learned things. We aren't just like this perfect couple that started marriage content from the beginning. We learned at the hard way where we kind of felt empty and we were like, this isn't a good decision for us, so let's make sure that never happens again. 

Joey Odom (19:48):

As you were doing that, was there, how did you sync up on that? Because it's one thing to say, no, no, it's not as great Andrew. This is not as great as it's cut out to be. But if you're built like me and I think similar to you and my brother says all the time, the worst thing for me would be to ever get famous because I'd just be a 

Andrew East (20:07):

Terror. You 

Joey Odom (20:08):

Know what I 

Andrew East (20:08):

Mean? It 

Joey Odom (20:09):

Would go to my slightly larger head. I do think I'm a little bit bigger head, but I do think it would. So it's one thing to say it. And then another thing, obviously you trust Shawn Andrew, but when it was a difficult moment or you putting out purposeless content, was that a difficult process to sync up on that or were you really in line or were there difficult discussions and saying, no, I'm pumping the brakes here and the other one wanted to hit the gas? 

Andrew East (20:40):

I mean, it's been a fun process of becoming self-aware and what is my purpose or what is my interest in this? And for me it was like I fell in love with making videos, editing videos. And so it started out as the low hanging fruit was gymnastics when we first started, YouTube was crushing and it was like, Shawn, let's make gymnastic videos. We're going to dominate and we're going to make so much money. And Shawn was like, I'm not going to do gymnastics videos. And so there's probably, I dunno, freaking two years of friction where I was like, gymnastics, gymnastics, let's do it, let's do it. And then at some point I was like, oh, well I actually really don't care what the videos are about as long as we're doing it. I just love the world and the culture of the platform. And so it was like as long as we're making videos, Andrew's happy and as long as it's not about gymnastics, Shawn's happy. So boom, what's our phase of life in right now? And that's our interest. Shawn dives full in with whatever phase she's in, whether it's athletics or we're dancing or parenting, it's like she's bought in all the way. So it's like that's what we're doing. 

Shawn Johnson (21:47):

I think it's been a series of trial and error and Andrew said, friction of we've been really good both of us since day one at some point hitting the reflection button of let's talk about what we've been doing for the past six months and see what's working and what's not. That's something I think your dad was really good at and your dad encouraged in your family and you did with us from day one. But those kind of reflection points just kind of became more and more frequent and we could almost do 'em in the moment now. So it's kind of like we did slime videos for a long time. They were crushing the internet. And I remember just having a conversation on our third video and I was like, why are we doing this? This is not serving 

Andrew East (22:40):


Shawn Johnson (22:40):

For the better except frivolous content. And I said, I just kind of feel empty doing it. 

Andrew East (22:46):


Shawn Johnson (22:47):

And we would have a discussion and be like, okay, what could we film otherwise or whatever. But having these reflection moments of what is our purpose? What is our goal? Where are we trying to go? And just getting better at communicating that thought. 

Andrew East (23:05):

Have you heard this apparently Adam and Eve and Genesis, that Hebrew word for eve means beneficial adversary. Oh 

Shawn Johnson (23:16):


Andrew East (23:17):

That's good. I know, dude. So I just heard this. I understand the thing in the world. I mean we're seven years into marriage, seven and a half years, and this is a revelation within the past four months of Shawn and I being married, whereas we talked about the friction, it's like you argue, it's like whether it's finances or setting a budget or with parenting, like geez, we've butt heads about that and it used to be black or white. Why isn't she coming over to my side of the perspective, doesn't understand what, and then it's like I heard this the beneficial adversary thing. I was like, oh my gosh, this whole time I have one perspective that's valuable. She comes at it from a whole different perspective that's valuable. And it's like both are needed both color in the reality of the situation and probably the best compromised of a decision moving forward. How can we use both perspectives as opposed to just getting caught up and angry to actually make each other a better team? And we're both better off anyway. So I feel like we've gotten better at that, 

Joey Odom (24:23):

Which is such a good, in the moment I received that concept of beneficial adversary like, oh my gosh, that's amazing. I can't wait to get home. And Kristen argued with me about something. You know what I mean? No, I really do. It feels, in a way, it almost feels like a heroic thing then to be sharpened. But then when you get in the moment, that's not that easy to embrace the term beneficial adversary. So that's a hard thing. And I'm curious with that as you guys are so synced up maybe on the business side, is there any difficulty in separating out the you and me? 

Shawn Johnson (25:04):

Oh, all the time, 

Joey Odom (25:05):

And how do you do, what are some of those that may be rhythms or even guardrails that you put in place to make sure that it's not like you're not on a date and you're just talking about what's going on in the business? 

Shawn Johnson (25:15):

So our rhythms that we've kind of locked into our life at the moment, when did we start the yearly thing? You were 

Andrew East (25:24):


Shawn Johnson (25:25):

In 2018. In 2018 we had been Andrew, we had bouncing around the N F L for four years and we were kind of doing social media, we were kind of doing YouTube and we had this idea of doing this meeting where we sat down and wrote down all of our New Year's resolutions, our yearly goals, but we went through every single category in our life, philanthropy, marriage, work, personal interests, finances. We broke 'em down into 10 different categories and we sat at a coffee shop for six hours. And in 2018, everything we wrote down looked drastically different than the life we were living completely different. Where we wanted to go was nowhere where we were headed. And that kind of set into motion these rhythms that we now have in place where we do these kind of like come to Jesus meetings once a year. We do monthly check-ins with each other 

Joey Odom (26:31):

On the annual plan. So it's the monthly, 

Andrew East (26:33):

Monthly checkups started before the annual thing, 

Shawn Johnson (26:35):


Andrew East (26:36):

It was more of a Shawn and I as opposed to us griping in the moment all the time where you're standing at the sink, you didn't do the dishes. 

Shawn Johnson (26:44):


Andrew East (26:45):

Like you let patterns reveal themselves over time. So it's not just this emotional reaction. I like that. So it's like over a month, if there's a pattern that I need to bring up to Shawn, it's a little fair. Usually you're removed, there's less emotion. What? 

Shawn Johnson (26:59):

Do you remember how these started? 

Joey Odom (27:02):


Shawn Johnson (27:02):

When we were dating, Andrew kind of already had this rhythm in place but didn't notice it. Every so often I would get a text or a call and he would say, do you want to meet me at Frothy Monkey? It's this coffee shop here in Nashville for coffee. And I knew in that sentence alone that there was something he needed to, it was a sensitive topic that had to do with us that he needed to talk about. 

Andrew East (27:29):

Frothy Monkey was the spot. 

Shawn Johnson (27:30):

It was the only time we would ever know and he never noticed it, but I was like, what did I do now? And he's like, what are you talking about? It's like you called me back to Frothy Monkey. So that kind of became this joke. But rhythm we had where once a month we're going to go to get coffee, we're going to talk about anything that we need to. So we still do that. We do the annual and then we try to have check-ins daily just of how are we doing? We've been talking about recently maybe doing a quarterly or halfway through the year check up on the whole annual stuff. 

Andrew East (28:00):

It's really funny though, because the first time we did this, I pulled up the goals. So now we have a Google Doc of all of our goals. And so 2019 you'll see a good amount of stuff, whatever. Maybe that's two pages, but every year that's gone by. So this is the most recent every year that's gone by. It's just gotten longer and longer and longer. And it's almost like having a higher resolution 

Shawn Johnson (28:24):


Andrew East (28:24):

For where you want to go. The first year we did it, it was a cluster. It was like, what do you want? I don't know. It's like let's go on dates five nights a week. Okay, great. And you're just throwing something at the wall, but it's super helpful. Then the next year you go back and say, five date nights a week is way too much. 

Joey Odom (28:42):


Andrew East (28:42):

Do one a week. Let's have one night that we hang out with couples. 

Joey Odom (28:46):


Andrew East (28:47):

So we have all this almost a game plan for every week, month and quarter laid out in all aspects of life. So I don't even know what your original question was. 

Joey Odom (28:58):

No, it was about this. It was about the rhythms and the routines. So is that something that has become so natural? So take the date night example. Does it feel unnatural if a date night doesn't happen? Is it part of the rhythm or is it still like, okay, I got to go to the schedule. There's real value in scheduling as well. Do you have to go to the schedule? Is it that literal or does it just fall within the rhythm? 

Shawn Johnson (29:20):

I think it feels really unnatural. Every Thursday night we go on a date night and if we miss that, you can tell. And even last night was date night, we didn't have anything planned. We were like, oh my gosh, I kind of forgot, but it's still date night and we had a blast 

Andrew East (29:38):

Last time was so much fun. 

Shawn Johnson (29:39):

But if we go a week, a date night, it feels like our rhythm is off. We haven't had that time 

Joey Odom (29:45):

For each 

Shawn Johnson (29:46):


Joey Odom (29:46):

I bet Andrew gets so needy if he misses date night. Oh my gosh, 

Andrew East (29:50):

I can't imagine. I'll say it. It's funny, we got asked by, we did a live tour a little bit ago and someone had this question, they're like, they're like, do you guys get worried that you're going to lose the whimsical, adventurous side of life by being so routine oriented? That's 

Joey Odom (30:06):

A great question. 

Andrew East (30:07):

Honestly, I think that our natural tendency is to do way too little and be way less intentional. So we're going to over index and every week on Thursday it feels less romantic maybe to say we're going to do date night every week. So it's not like this. I love you so much and I surprised you with, it's like, no, we're going to do date night every, but you know that we're going to go on date night and some date nights we don't look forward to because there's something we need to discuss. And there's an argument going on. Some date nights are like last night was just pure fun and some date nights are quiet anyway. It's just like I would rather over index on routine and intentionality than fall into the normal of, 

Shawn Johnson (30:50):

But it also to a certain extent, protects that whimsical side. Absolutely. Because every Thursday night we know we have date night and then it's kind of like, okay, what do we want to do? We've got a babysitter for four hours, this is cool, this is fun. Or we know within our annual goal setting all of that, that we want to go on three trips this year. Okay, now we actually get to dream of these three trips. We know what our budgets are, we know when we're going. 

Andrew East (31:19):


Shawn Johnson (31:19):

We just get to dream of what that's going to be. 

Joey Odom (31:22):

See, it makes me think of Andy Stanley, pastor in Atlanta. He talks about when he talks about giving and generosity, he talks about plan to generosity. And he said, the most generous people don't just get moved by something and give. That can be generosity, but the most generous people pre-plan that this is the thing that we do in our lives. So to your point, it's not like you have the same table at Olive Garden every Thursday night. It could be put putt, it could be a bunch of different stuff, but just having that placeholder and then allowing, then that's when the creativity comes in. It just takes the decision fatigue out of it. Also 

Shawn Johnson (31:54):


Joey Odom (31:54):

Like that. 

Andrew East (31:55):

It's almost like I view it as you put someone on the calendar to give yourself the highest amount, the highest probability of feeling that 

Joey Odom (32:03):


Andrew East (32:04):

Romance or whatever. It's like, okay, it's either not going to happen or I'm going to make a window for us to hopefully have those feelings. And I think part of it too, I think it's like a cost bias or maybe it's called selection bias, where it's like when you commit so much effort and time into something, it's like you are then going to be bought in more. It's like they say that in a parent child relationship, the parent is more invested in that loyalty than the child is because the parents invested more into the relationship. So it's like the loyalty follows 

Shawn Johnson (32:43):

The commitment. 

Andrew East (32:43):

You know what I'm saying? 

Joey Odom (32:44):

That makes so much sense. That's so interesting. It is funny. I was thinking as you're talking about the parent-child relationship, that makes total sense. 

Andrew East (32:50):


Joey Odom (32:51):

It could just be routine for a child. They didn't have no investment, they just show up. Yeah. Okay, we're going to take a pause for a second and we're going to play game one of three. Okay. So this is going to be fun and I know inside of both of you it's brewing that Oh yeah, it's going to be fun, but I know both of you want to win. So that's what makes this great. So I got whiteboards with toilet paper eraser there. 

Andrew East (33:14):


Joey Odom (33:15):

So we're going to play a series of game and they are all Shawn and Andrew themed. 

Shawn Johnson (33:21):


Joey Odom (33:21):

So the first one we're going to play, you guys are familiar with the price is right? So we're going to play the price is right, but it's tailored to you guys. So the goal is, the goal here is I'm going to say something. You're going to name what you think the price of that thing is. Okay? And we're not going to price, right? Rules are you can't go over. That's okay. We're going to say closest to the pen here and I hope it doesn't require too much math on my part, but whoever can get closest, you're going to write down your answer. Okay? So five questions, Shawn and Andrew theme. Andrew, you went to Vanderbilt gang. What is the current annual tuition at Vanderbilt? Annual tuition current and not room board. Just tuition. Current annual tuition at Vanderbilt. 

Andrew East (34:07):

Okay, are we going one at a time? We're going to answer 

Joey Odom (34:09):

Off that. Yeah, we'll go one at a time. There's going to be no erases. 

Andrew East (34:12):


Joey Odom (34:13):


Andrew East (34:14):

64,000 is my guess. 

Shawn Johnson (34:16):


Andrew East (34:17):

I think 56 is what it was in 2015. 

Joey Odom (34:20):

I could be wrong. Andrew, you are $69 off. It is 63,931. Holy wow. Crazy. That was this could be trouble here. 

Andrew East (34:34):

One for Andrew. 

Joey Odom (34:35):

Wow, one for Andrew. Okay. Kick score. This one's right up. Shawn's alley. Shawn, how much does a pork chop on a stick cost at the Iowa State Fair everybody? You're from Iowa. The most popular food item at the Iowa State Fair is the pork chop on a stick. 

Shawn Johnson (34:50):

It's good. 

Joey Odom (34:51):

Is it good you've had 

Shawn Johnson (34:52):

It? It's great. 

Joey Odom (34:52):

Oh boy. Here we go. 

Shawn Johnson (34:54):

Oh, I don't know. 

Joey Odom (34:55):

I hope you guys get a case of pork chop on a stick just from that question. Alright, are you guys ready? 

Andrew East (35:00):

I feel pretty good about me. 

Joey Odom (35:00):

Let's reveal our answers. 

Andrew East (35:01):


Shawn Johnson (35:02):


Andrew East (35:03):

No way, babe. We're talking Iowa. It's not going to be 

Joey Odom (35:06):


Shawn Johnson (35:06):

They're huge. 

Joey Odom (35:07):

It was $8. Gets it again. Goodness. Oh boy. This could be quick here. It's time to step it up. Alright, this one and this one's now in Andrew's Lane. Pun intended. How much you're from Indy? Indianapolis. 

Andrew East (35:21):


Joey Odom (35:21):

Indianapolis. Just India, 

Andrew East (35:22):

Indiana. Indianapolis, Indianapolis. 

Joey Odom (35:24):

How much does a general admission ticket to the Indy 500 cost? General admission. Just get in the gates General admission ticket from the box office to the Indy 500 cost. 

Shawn Johnson (35:38):

I don't know. 

Joey Odom (35:39):

Let's reveal our answers. 

Andrew East (35:40):

$25. What? 

Joey Odom (35:41):

Shawn? Okay, what you Shawn, you're 

Shawn Johnson (35:43):


Joey Odom (35:44):

$59. Very good. Shawn. Shawn with the W there. That's big. 

Shawn Johnson (35:50):

See that's a big event. 

Joey Odom (35:53):

Yeah, we got to say that was a must win answer for you. You need that. 

Shawn Johnson (35:56):

I had. Yeah. 

Joey Odom (35:58):

So Shawn, you've been to Beijing before? 

Shawn Johnson (36:00):


Joey Odom (36:01):

I believe you had a pretty expensive necklace around your neck in Beijing when you won the gold medal. How much is a round trip ticket from Nashville to Beijing? Nashville to Beijing right now. Nashville, Beijing. Round trip ticket on average. 

Andrew East (36:22):

I feel pretty good about my guesses. Yeah. Is it first class like Joey flying? Wait, there's 

Shawn Johnson (36:32):

Way too many variables 

Joey Odom (36:35):

Here. I know, I know. 

Andrew East (36:40):

I'm ready. I'm locked in. 

Joey Odom (36:41):

Locked in. 

Andrew East (36:43):


Joey Odom (36:44):

Let's see. Let's see your answers. 

Andrew East (36:45):

1100, 12 50. 

Joey Odom (36:47):

The answer is 2000. Shawn wins that one as well. Oh 

Andrew East (36:50):

My gosh. 

Shawn Johnson (36:50):

I was going to say 1800. 

Joey Odom (36:52):

I will admit that was a pretty arbitrary. I just 

Shawn Johnson (36:53):

Did quick Google search. I was, likee is far, 

Joey Odom (36:55):

It's far from Nashville 

Shawn Johnson (36:57):

And I don't know how much they're wanting tourists these days. 

Joey Odom (36:59):

Oh, that's a good point. Oh, very good. 

Andrew East (37:03):

Wow, you went way down the rabbit 

Joey Odom (37:04):

Hole. So we could not have planned this any better. This 

Shawn Johnson (37:07):

Oh is a tie. 

Joey Odom (37:08):

Comes down to we got a tie. This is the rubber match here. The rubber question. You all got engaged at Wrigley Field. You got engaged at Wrigley Field in 2016. You may remember the Cubs played in the World Series. Actually went to game three. That was very fun. I 

Andrew East (37:25):

Went to game seven. 

Joey Odom (37:26):

Did you? In Cleveland? 

Andrew East (37:27):

Yes. Very nice. Epic. 

Joey Odom (37:29):

Oh that is amazing. 

Andrew East (37:30):

Go ahead. 

Joey Odom (37:32):

So let me ask you this, what was the average resale price for a Cubs World Series game at Wrigley Field in 2016? So let's qualify this. This is a resale. So this is not from the box office. This is what was on StubHub. The average resale price for a single ticket to a World series game at Wrigley Field in 2016. 

Andrew East (37:54):

I'm basing it off of the Nashville SC game with messy coming into town. You ever it written down? 

Joey Odom (38:00):

She's ready. She's locked in. She's ready to win. 

Shawn Johnson (38:05):

Do you need a think 

Joey Odom (38:05):

You got it? No. Alright, let's see. Our answers 

Andrew East (38:07):


Shawn Johnson (38:08):

Seven 50. The 

Joey Odom (38:09):

Answer is $3,800. 

Andrew East (38:12):

Oh my gosh. 

Joey Odom (38:13):

John wins that round. 

Andrew East (38:15):

That's great. 

Shawn Johnson (38:16):


Joey Odom (38:17):

Wow. $3,800, 

Shawn Johnson (38:18):

I was just saying is messy. The starting ticket is 400, but that's not a championship of any kind. Oh my God. 

Joey Odom (38:26):

I think one of my absolute favorite stories that I've told on multiple occasions is from Sam in Chico, California. Sam emailed us and we received our RO yesterday and by this morning it was already having an impact, said I wake up early, I sit by the fire, drink my coffee and dig through my phone. My son, eight years old, typically wakes up a little after six and heads to the kitchen for his morning bowl of cereal. This morning I got up from the couch, put my phone in the RO and sat next to my son while he ate, he said, Sam said the next 17 minutes would change his life because they talked about two things. They talked about sharks, they talked about how things get invented and that's it. Sam said when he was done, I retrieved my phone and recorded 17 minutes of breakfast with my son time. 


It didn't take long for my aha moment of how impactful even 17 quality intentional minutes a day could be over a lifetime. I'm wishing many more of these minutes for me and others who use ro. Sam, thank you for that. It is one of my favorite stories because it's true. We don't really have to go reduce our screen time by hours a day. How about just 17 minutes, 17 memorable minutes, carving out a little bit of time with the people who are most important to us. That's something you'd like to experience. Just go to go ro.com to learn more about RO or follow us at Goro now. Now, okay gang, we got a tight one here and it's probably going to be hard to keep the two of 'em focused on anything but the next two games, by the way, that was just appetizer by the way. We got a couple doozies and I don't say I don't use the term doozy lightly. So let's talk about intentionality as parents. So we just talked about you and as a couple 


By the way, this is just a quick plug. Again, this whole conversation is an appetizer for everything you do on family made media. What you're talking about is stuff that you all are talking about all the time on a very deep dive basis. By the way, we need you to write a book. We need a lot of stuff from you all because putting out such great stuff that people need to hear, they're in a spot where people need to hear a bunch. So people who are listening, I'm sure they probably already listened to you, but please do because you're going to get much more of this. This is just again, just a little nibbler relative to what you guys put out a family ma. So intentionality as parents, you have, when I said in the intro, you made a jet, you really did. And he's a cutie and you made a Drew first 

Shawn Johnson (40:50):


Joey Odom (40:50):

She's a cutie. And I want to talk about the differences in how you are raising a sweet girl who wears her princess dresses and just all boy riding the bike all over the back and just probably already just bulldozing folks. I want to hear about the differences broadly on. How are you approaching those two differently? 

Shawn Johnson (41:16):

First I have to say, Andrew and I were both lucky to be raised by phenomenal parents who paved a really great path for us. But in raising Drew and Jet, I don't know. I think it comes from my little background in coaching. I've gotten to work with a lot of kids over the years and something I learned from my coach is no two kids are the same. And from a coaching perspective, if you coach everyone the same, you're only going to set everyone up for failure. And so I feel like Andrew and I really try to approach our kids as individuals and cater to their own interests and the way they learn, the way they communicate. But that's hard. I mean, 

Andrew East (42:05):

No, I mean up until two weeks ago, this was new to me to realize that I need to raise them differently. 

Shawn Johnson (42:12):

We had to come to Jesus doc, 

Andrew East (42:13):

She was like, you should treat Drew differently than you treat jet. Jet. And I will run around the house screaming friend tearing things up and Drew's like a princess. 

Shawn Johnson (42:21):

And how has it gone in the past two weeks? 

Andrew East (42:24):

How's it 

Shawn Johnson (42:25):

Oh, night and day different? And it's so cool to see, 

Andrew East (42:28):

But it's fun. I think my perspective on parenting is it's almost like a treasure hunt where I don't know. I mean they have their own things and interests, so what can I do to explore that with them? And it's a really fun process as opposed to me trying to say, Hey Drew, ride your bike. She's just not that into it. It's like she's more into a Barbie. Great. Okay, let me try to empathize with that and to know us to love. So lemme try to know that a little better so that I can love it. But anyway, 

Joey Odom (43:02):

Shawn, you mentioned the last two you lit up whenever you said he's done it. How have the last two weeks 

Andrew East (43:07):


Shawn Johnson (43:07):


Andrew East (43:08):


Joey Odom (43:08):

You seen differently in Andrew in the last two weeks as he's kind of had that epiphany on doing things differently? 

Shawn Johnson (43:13):

I have just seen Andrew is a phenomenal father and is so intentional about spending time and celebrating our kids. But I have seen you desperate for this special bond with Drew for a while and she's just very timid 

Andrew East (43:33):


Shawn Johnson (43:33):

And Andrew, he tends to be loud and silly and wants to wrestle and play and he's just fake kid. And I have just noticed from Drew from kind of day one, she doesn't respond to that. She's just this little empath. She just wants to be like, oh, she's a feeler. I don't know. And I kind of had this conversation with Andrew. I was like, I would just encourage you to try things a little different. She's just different that way. And you did, you switched things up completely in the past two weeks. Drew is all in on daddy and Daddy is her favorite person now and it's really special to see her grow in her confidence with their relationship and vice versa. 

Andrew East (44:22):

That's fine. 

Joey Odom (44:24):

Two thoughts on that. One of them is we were at your house, Heath and I, our co-founder we're at your house a month ago or so and we were seven shirtless dudes hanging out and then we were going to go to dinner and you did something. I just loved it. I really just loved it. You go, Hey, I need to go on a date with Drew. And she was jumping up and down. I'm going on a date with Daddy, I'm going on a date with Daddy, I'm going on a date with Daddy. Then how would you not 

Andrew East (44:53):


Joey Odom (44:53):

That? And it's just, I don't know if this question is going to make sense in seeing her response like that. Do you in some ways project that onto like, I bet, and Shawn May or may not jump up and down on this, but if I made Shawn feel that special, I know that my little girl responds like that. But if you take that same level of initiation with your spouse, do you think that, I think sometimes we don't. No, she's a grown up. I've been married to her for eight years, but I think, and actually I see you're nodding your head, Shawn, do you think that's the case if he took that same level of just full confidence in initiation with you that you would have a similar response to that? 

Shawn Johnson (45:38):

We both do. Even, I know we have date nights scheduled every Thursday, but we even try to do these small things where one week I'll plan all of it and it'll be a surprise for him or vice versa. Or Andrew will go get flowers or I'll leave him a note or whatever it is. It's like whenever you do some sort of intentional act for your spouse that's completely unplanned, no matter how long you've been together, it makes you feel amazing. 

Andrew East (46:12):


Joey Odom (46:13):

Sometimes I really do feel like an idiot sometimes because it's such low hanging fruit. It doesn't take that much. 

Shawn Johnson (46:19):

I know, but I mean it's so easily forgotten from both of us. You get into the motions of life and you're like, they know I love them and I know whatever, but 

Andrew East (46:28):

I was just listening to this long interview with a divorce lawyer and he was talking about how there's a sense of charity in a relationship. It's like generosity, just the willingness to believe the best about the other person that's really fragile. And as soon as you lose that, then you're like button heads a little more and then that kind of snowballs. But one thing he said was like, how much effort does it take to write a handwritten letter or pick up flowers on your way home? And I was like, dang, he's freaking right. It's better to do constant maintenance on something than try to reset fully or the startup costs. It's like, wow, 

Shawn Johnson (47:09):

I'll write a 

Joey Odom (47:09):


Shawn Johnson (47:10):

Even the intentionality of parenting with this, we've learned firsthand in the past few weeks with Andrew asking Drew to go on a date and kind of changing his tone with her. And then you, Andrew took our son to go buy flowers for me and Drew and within a one week time span, one that was the most special thing ever to see Jet be so excited to gift flowers to mommy and Drew. But then a week later my mom was over at our house cleaning up some flowers that had kind of died in a vase and he jet ran over, grabbed one and went running around the house looking for Drew and gave her this flower. And it's just like to see it at the most innocent level, like you said, it reminds you of how that makes your spouse feel. 

Joey Odom (48:08):

It's so true. And maybe one of the reasons why we think that it wouldn't be that impactful is because our spouse has put up defense mechanisms against it because they're not used to it. And so I'm writing notes for myself here on flowers and day nights and stuff. And again, back to our point of scheduling that you can schedule in Friday mornings, go get flowers or go bring, I heard a recent story of a couple who the husband was out to breakfast and his wife asked for him to bring her breakfast and he forgot. I 

Shawn Johnson (48:43):

Was like, 

Joey Odom (48:45):

Oh my gosh, that was you guys. Okay, we're good. Okay. That's embarrassing. I was going to give an example of some things that you probably 

Shawn Johnson (48:52):

Shouldn't do. 

Joey Odom (48:53):

So maybe the point is remember to bring your wife breakfast if she asks for it, even if she doesn't ask for it. I do think the, I want to ask a question. You mentioned it before and no, this is not a, by the way, Shawn just did the sweetest thing. I just completely threw Andrew under the bus and you know what she did? She reached over and you need to watch on YouTube. She reached over and just grabbed his hand, just said, honey, I love you. Okay, this is not overly, and I'm not asking for you to even talk about ro, but I am curious on how you are managing technology currently, how you hope to manage. That's maybe too far off to how you hope for them when they get phones on the younger age, but how are you managing technology within your family right now as parents? 

Shawn Johnson (49:38):

So after our interview, 

Joey Odom (49:41):


Shawn Johnson (49:41):

Had been working on managing technology of turning it off, not having it during dinner, not having it around the kids. And after our interview you said that teaching kids the importance of managing technology is really important and one way you can do it is have your kids put your phone in the box. And we've been doing that and it's been awesome. 

Joey Odom (50:04):

Has it been good? 

Shawn Johnson (50:04):

Yeah. And Drew put my phone away the other night and she went and found daddy and she's like, daddy, I need your phone. And it was, it was so sweet. And I feel like we forget at such a young age, they aren't telling us yet, can you put your phone away? But you're kind of teaching them that. So it's been special. 

Joey Odom (50:26):

It's been 

Andrew East (50:28):

An ever 

Joey Odom (50:29):

Evolving process. 

Andrew East (50:30):

We last year had a TV in our dining room or our living room, which is right by our kitchen where we eat. And I love sports, dude, so I don't care what sport it is. If it's a competition, I want to watch 

Joey Odom (50:45):


Andrew East (50:45):

And we would just have it on and I loved it. But then we, under Shawn's recommendation, remove that TV and just put art, which I'm not that big archive, but I'm starting to get art and it's like, it's interesting, but Drew's way more into the art and she recognizes it. She's asked about What's the tree for? And again, it goes back to, okay, I think having a purpose for whatever you're doing. So I think our goal with screen time is like, well, let's hopefully have them learn something, whether it be Bible stories or math, whatever it is. But if you just have it on in the background, there's no explicit purpose for that. So let's remove that aspect of it and we'll put it in another room so that we have to make more of an effort, which then creates almost that split second hurdle for you. Okay, well what am I going to turn on? Okay, well let's make it something that has the kid helps the kid learn. 

Shawn Johnson (51:53):

We have a TV room now, so if you go watch tv, it's in the TV room. It's kind of isolated from the rest of the house a little bit. And it's like an intentional decision, 

Joey Odom (52:04):

Which by the way creates. There is a, my 15 year old son, Harrison and I, we have a list of 200 movies we want to watch together. Sick. And that's a shared experience. And I think his love language is watching movies with me. That's a new one. But we love it. We love it and it's stuff and it's cool. We can start watching things 

Andrew East (52:26):


Joey Odom (52:27):

I watched when I was in my teenage years and Shawshank Redemption and Braveheart and great movies like that. It creates almost by having that separate movie room for you all the TV room, it almost creates, that's an experience in and of itself to go do that, a shared experience together rather than just something that's just on in the background. 

Andrew East (52:44):

Yeah, I'm reflecting on our conversation, but do you think about the difference of Netflix and chilling, right? Where it's like, Hey, let's just binge watch a TV show until it's the next morning or hours have evaporated versus the experience of buying a movie ticket and showing up. It's like the difference, the act is the same. You're just sitting there watching the screen, but the whole experience is drastically different. There's this form of anticipation when you're going to watch a movie, you're a little more locked in and dialed in focused. You're not going to probably be on your phone as much in the theater. And so I was like, how can you create more of those enhanced that mean more than just mindlessly doing something, 

Joey Odom (53:30):

Taking some common, but making it extraordinary. I love that you're handing your phones, your kids, your kids are getting trained to take it. It creates, it does a couple things that they value themselves. They see like, oh, I'm more important than Mommy Daddy's phones. And it creates a muscle memory in them that when they get a phone, it's not going to feel awkward to them for it to be distant from them. They've seen it in you and it'll be such a natural part of them. And then the cool thing I think about this, my kids and coming up in the next decade, within dating years of, it will feel awkward to them if they go on a date with somebody and the person they're dating is on their phone all the time. And so then they're going to have enough value in themselves be like, nah, just pay for my meal and I'm never going to see you again. And so it does a cool thing in terms of what they expect for life. Even in the same way buying flowers for the girls, Drew's going to expect that, no, this is how a man treats me. This is how they treat me. 

Andrew East (54:24):

I do have to say though, RO has been pivotal in that, and we were chatting about this a little bit, but our mutual friend, Justin early, wrote a book called Habits of the Household where he breaks the day of a parent down into 10 different phases. So it's like the morning phase, the breakfast phase, the loading, the car phase, and it just gives you a sense of awareness or understanding of, okay, this is vocabulary and kind of a framework that I can navigate this certain area of life in. And RO has been that for us and screen time where it's like, yeah, now we're more intentional because we have this thing sitting on our countertop and the kids can interact with it. And we talked about it provides a lot of value in starting a conversation when we're hosting someone else. Like, Hey, what is that thing? Why do you do it? It's like is kind a novel concept to a lot of people. Like, oh, you're going to lock your phone away. And then that starts a good conversation, right? Yeah. But it also is a tool that we can point to and be like, Hey, sorry, we're not doing phones because we are using ro. 

Shawn Johnson (55:35):

You would've been really proud yesterday we did an interview sitting here where it was two friends of ours, but the guy was getting upset at Andrew and kind of venting and he's like the worst texter in the world. And Andrew is like, no, it's just me being unapologetically unavailable and that's good. And I was like, oh, that was good. 

Joey Odom (55:55):

That's really good. Which funny enough, that makes you unapologetically available to the people with you. So I love that. 

Andrew East (56:06):

When did it become assumed 

Joey Odom (56:08):

That we were just 

Andrew East (56:08):

Going to be at everybody's backing call 

Joey Odom (56:13):

To the detriment of those around us? 

Shawn Johnson (56:14):


Andrew East (56:14):

What It's like, I just used the phone as a tool to be in situations. I want to be in real life. So it's like the phase of life I'm in, it's like my wife and my kids. If you share the same last name as me, I'll pick up the phone. 

Joey Odom (56:29):


Andrew East (56:30):

My mo, but I'm not going to be talking to you about fantasy football or chatting it up about did you see? It's like that's not important. That's just not the 

Joey Odom (56:39):

Which, it's so great when you have a relationship that understands that I shot you a text yesterday and then I went to bed early. I got my glass of warm milk and then went to bed early. An older gentleman here, but then I saw your text this morning, and by the way, it was totally fine. It was like, yeah, of course my assumption was like he's in the middle of doing a bunch of stuff, not the least of which is being a great husband, being a great dad. So I love that that rhythm is built in. I think it's time for game number two. Let's go. This could be the make or break one. 

Shawn Johnson (57:12):


Joey Odom (57:12):

I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of pulling for Andrew here. So game three will be interesting. So this one is a version of the Newlywed Game. If you're familiar with the Newlywed Game, 

Shawn Johnson (57:22):

You ask 

Joey Odom (57:22):


Andrew East (57:24):

I'm excited. 

Joey Odom (57:25):

It's a little bit of a spin, a competitive, usually the couples are working together. You're working against each other here. So we're going to have the written round. So I'm going to ask you the question and you're going to answer the question for yourself. So if I were to say, what's your favorite color? You'd write down your personal favorite color, and then after we have the written round, then we'll go to the verbal where you will guess what your partner wrote, 

Shawn Johnson (57:50):


Joey Odom (57:50):

That makes sense. So we will 

Andrew East (57:52):

So write one for myself and then for her 

Joey Odom (57:54):

Then you'll actually verbally do the, you'll verbally do the her. Yeah, exactly. So the first one is, what is the name of your personal high school mascot? So Shawn, write the mascot of your high school. Andrew, write the mascot of your high school. Just your own high school. 

Andrew East (58:15):


Joey Odom (58:15):

Now verbal round. Andrew, I want you to guess Shawn's high school 

Andrew East (58:22):


Joey Odom (58:23):

What do we got? Let's see it. 

Andrew East (58:24):

Valley Tigers. We 

Joey Odom (58:25):

Got the Tigers. Tigers, okay. Oh, oh 

Andrew East (58:29):


Joey Odom (58:30):

Okay, Shawn, guess 

Shawn Johnson (58:31):

I don't think you've ever said it. 

Joey Odom (58:33):

It was it North high. 

Shawn Johnson (58:34):

It's north central. North 

Joey Odom (58:35):

Central High, 

Shawn Johnson (58:36):

North central. 

Andrew East (58:39):

Oh my gosh, babe, 

Shawn Johnson (58:41):

You've never said it. 

Andrew East (58:43):


Joey Odom (58:44):

The Panthers. 

Shawn Johnson (58:45):

I had no clue. 

Andrew East (58:47):

Where do you think that came from? Now you get it. 

Joey Odom (58:49):

Here we go. 

Andrew East (58:49):


Shawn Johnson (58:51):

Wow. So much makes sense. Now 

Joey Odom (58:56):

Andrew gets that round. Okay, so second question. What is your partner's most annoying habit? So Shawn, you're going to write Andrew's most annoying habit. Andrew, you're going to write Shawn's most annoying habit, 

Shawn Johnson (59:16):

But it's like what we would say, 

Joey Odom (59:17):

What's so beautiful here, listener. They're taking So to even think of anything that annoys them about their partner. Oh no, they're right now. Oh boy. They're writing a lot. 

Andrew East (59:30):

There's a 

Joey Odom (59:30):

Lot of writing. Okay, so I want to start here. Shawn, what would Andrew say is your most annoying habit? 

Shawn Johnson (59:44):

My O C D tendencies. 

Joey Odom (59:48):

O C D tendencies. Alright, what did we write? 

Andrew East (59:50):

I said cleaning up all my stuff while her countertop and everything. 

Joey Odom (59:55):

Do we That's we're going to give. Okay, so we're going to say you got that. That's 

Andrew East (59:57):

It's you 

Joey Odom (59:58):


Andrew East (59:59):


Joey Odom (01:00:00):

Andrew, what would Shawn say is your most annoying habit? Her 

Andrew East (01:00:05):

Recent gripe has been shoes on the counter. Is that now what you wrote down? Oh shoot. Did Shawn get one? What'd you write down? What did 

Joey Odom (01:00:13):

She write down? 

Shawn Johnson (01:00:13):

I put self-deprecation or hygiene. 

Andrew East (01:00:16):

Okay. Okay. Or what was the 

Joey Odom (01:00:17):

Second part? 

Shawn Johnson (01:00:18):


Joey Odom (01:00:18):

Hygiene. Oh boy. 

Shawn Johnson (01:00:20):

Yeah, kind of yucky. 

Andrew East (01:00:23):


Joey Odom (01:00:24):

So this is question number three and we're going to say we're going to take you back, let's say pre-pregnancy for this one. How many pushups can you do, Andrew? How many pushups? Again, this is just before you have to just totally collapse on the ground. So Shawn, how many pushups can you personally do, Andrew, how many pushups can you personally do? Okay, 

Andrew East (01:00:48):

Got it. 

Joey Odom (01:00:49):

Shawn, how many pushups can Andrew do? 

Shawn Johnson (01:00:53):


Andrew East (01:00:56):

62 is, I wrote down. 

Shawn Johnson (01:00:57):

Wow, that's such a specific number. It 

Andrew East (01:00:59):

Was very, I think I just tested this. We did it. Someone challenged me. They're like, drop 

Joey Odom (01:01:03):

Down. How many pushups? Of course you've recently had. Who else has recently done a pushup pushup contest? 

Andrew East (01:01:09):

You talking gymnastics, pushups. Because those don't really count your little wide grip. I'm going to say 45. Okay. 

Shawn Johnson (01:01:17):

I said 50 

Joey Odom (01:01:18):

50. Okay, that's going to go the point to Andrew there. Andrew gets the point. Okay, question number four, who is your personal celebrity crush? 

Shawn Johnson (01:01:33):

My personal 

Andrew East (01:01:33):


Joey Odom (01:01:34):

Yeah. Who's your celebrity crush? 

Andrew East (01:01:36):

Andrew. Who's your celebrity crush? Ryan Reynolds. It's, 

Shawn Johnson (01:01:38):


Andrew East (01:01:38):

Already writing it. 

Shawn Johnson (01:01:39):

Blake Lively is his. 

Joey Odom (01:01:40):

I actually had seen that answer already, so, okay, that one's, wow. 

Andrew East (01:01:43):


Shawn Johnson (01:01:44):

We always said we want to have 'em on a couple things quick and it might be the most awkward situation of our lives. 

Joey Odom (01:01:48):

Wait, what's that? 

Shawn Johnson (01:01:49):

We said we want to have them on couple things as the couple, but it might be the most awkward situation ever. 

Joey Odom (01:01:56):

It would be hard for me not to want to sit next to Ryan. He's a handsome 

Andrew East (01:02:01):


Joey Odom (01:02:03):

Okay, last one on the Newlywed Game. What is the most romantic thing your partner does for you? So Shawn, what's the most romantic thing Andrew does for you? Andrew, what's the most romantic thing Shawn does for you? Keep it pg. 

Andrew East (01:02:24):

I like the question Shawn. Shawn's going to say back scratch. 

Shawn Johnson (01:02:34):


Andrew East (01:02:34):


Shawn Johnson (01:02:35):

No, but that's a solid one. 

Joey Odom (01:02:37):

That is solid. 

Shawn Johnson (01:02:37):

That is as solid as the one I wrote. 

Andrew East (01:02:40):


Joey Odom (01:02:40):

Did you write? 

Shawn Johnson (01:02:41):

I said it makes me coffee every morning. 

Andrew East (01:02:43):

That's what I said. Coffee. You 

Joey Odom (01:02:44):


Andrew East (01:02:45):

I said coffee. Is that a wash or did you get it? 

Joey Odom (01:02:48):

Oh, you didn't give her a chance to guess. 

Andrew East (01:02:52):

Oh yeah, I didn't. 

Joey Odom (01:02:53):

Oh boy. 

Andrew East (01:02:55):

I sorry. Do you have backup? 

Joey Odom (01:02:58):

S Can we be 

Andrew East (01:03:00):

Honest? What would 

Joey Odom (01:03:00):

You have guessed 

Shawn Johnson (01:03:04):

For Andrew? 

Joey Odom (01:03:04):


Shawn Johnson (01:03:06):

I was going to say make coffee or dinner. 

Andrew East (01:03:08):

Oh, convenient. Convenient. Well that's a wash. 

Joey Odom (01:03:13):

All right, we we're going to go wash. We're going to go. Alright, so we're going to go A, alright, question number five. Had a little, we went to the judges. I want to hear what is your personal dream vacation spot? 

Andrew East (01:03:26):

Oh shoot. 

Joey Odom (01:03:27):

Personal dream. Vacation spot. Yeah, for yourself Shawn, where would Andrew want to go on this dream vacation 

Shawn Johnson (01:03:36):

In this phase of life right now he wants to go to India. 

Andrew East (01:03:39):

Is that, what 

Joey Odom (01:03:41):

Did you write? What'd you 

Andrew East (01:03:41):

Write? I wrote California. Wrote 

Joey Odom (01:03:43):

California. Okay, look, kind of lower expectations. What? 

Andrew East (01:03:46):

I do want to take a week long train, ride your 

Shawn Johnson (01:03:48):

Dream vacation. You 

Joey Odom (01:03:49):

Say would say Memphis or something. It's like 

Andrew East (01:03:52):

Your dream 

Joey Odom (01:03:52):

Vacation. I just over here probably just like East Nashville. 

Shawn Johnson (01:03:57):

My answer is more correct than his answer. 

Joey Odom (01:04:00):

Okay. So yeah, that's actually a good point. So now where is Shawn's? 

Andrew East (01:04:05):


Joey Odom (01:04:06):

Blackberry. Wow. Not 

Shawn Johnson (01:04:08):


Joey Odom (01:04:08):

Want to leave. Do you understand the question? Hey, did you know the planes can go over ocean Blackberry for the listener? Blackberry is right outside of Knoxville. It's an hour and a half from here. We're sitting here in Nashville. Has he been on the plane? 

Shawn Johnson (01:04:22):

Where is my dream 

Andrew East (01:04:23):

Vacation? Dream Bali. 

Joey Odom (01:04:25):

No, can't just, no, you know the 

Shawn Johnson (01:04:27):


Andrew East (01:04:28):

There you go. 

Joey Odom (01:04:30):

Alright, we're going to go ahead. 

Andrew East (01:04:32):

So that's a wash. 

Joey Odom (01:04:34):

That is, 

Andrew East (01:04:35):

But I won two to 

Joey Odom (01:04:36):

That is a wash. Yeah, that's right. So we have, okay, so what we needed to happen happened. We have a split series here. I want to talk real quick. In the 

Shawn Johnson (01:04:45):

Last California, 

Joey Odom (01:04:46):

California, California. 

Shawn Johnson (01:04:49):

Well we're fulfilling that dream next 

Joey Odom (01:04:51):


Shawn Johnson (01:04:51):


Joey Odom (01:04:51):

In I feel like where would be a Sacramento or something like that. Where's some real cool? 

Shawn Johnson (01:04:58):

The bay is beautiful. 

Joey Odom (01:04:59):

Yeah, I know, it's beautiful. I know. But 

Andrew East (01:05:01):


Joey Odom (01:05:02):

And dream. No, California. 

Shawn Johnson (01:05:03):

That's not your dream. There's 

Joey Odom (01:05:04):

No disparagement of California. California's 

Andrew East (01:05:06):

Awesome. I'm a national park guy. Why is no one believing this? 

Shawn Johnson (01:05:10):

Because your long list of bucket list dream vacations is widely international. 

Joey Odom (01:05:18):

Yeah, for 

Shawn Johnson (01:05:18):

Before it would ever be. Sure you've got 

Joey Odom (01:05:19):

Myrtle Beach, that's one that you want to go to. I know you've always wanted to go to Myrtle Beach, which seems really awesome. Tulsa, where I'm from, you can head out to Tulsa. Tulsa, great spot, go to Tulsa in the falls, go see the foliage in Tulsa. I want to hear about friendships real quick. We've taken way too much of your time. I want to hear about friendships. I want to hear first you got to talk game night, but then I want you to segue into, that's great as a group. Then I want to talk about the individual. Where do you go when it's like heart showing time to somebody individually? So let's talk game night first. Group friendships. How'd it start? What's the purpose? How's it going? 

Shawn Johnson (01:06:00):

Long story short, game night started, we were living in Nashville, 

Andrew East (01:06:04):

Los Angeles. Okay, sorry. Must my dream. You're right. 

Shawn Johnson (01:06:08):

It started in Nashville because we were living a life in Nashville that we were so isolated. We had our ride or die best friends that we spent every waking second with, but we never saw another human soul ever. Then we moved to LA and I might have that backwards, but it's fine. Moved to LA and this community kind of took us in and they did weekly game nights on the rooftop of their building. And it was weekly. I love that. It was like potluck. It was bring a dish and we would just play werewolf or do all these things. 

Andrew East (01:06:47):

You played werewolf. Dude, 

Joey Odom (01:06:48):

That's sounds scary. I love that. 

Shawn Johnson (01:06:49):

And it was the most random group of people that, I don't want to say misfits, but it's not like we all shared common interests of any 

Joey Odom (01:06:56):


Shawn Johnson (01:06:57):

But we all had so much fun together. So when we were back in Nashville and we had our first kid, we kind of started to feel isolated again. We said let's do game nights like we did in la and it was that mentality that we talked about at the beginning of the interview where I don't need you to believe the same thing that I do. We don't need to be the same person or have the same hobbies or interests. We just want to get along, have fun and build our community and we put it into our yearly goals where we do it monthly, we have a budget for it, all of these things. But it's truly been able to build a community for us and for other people and it's been really special. 

Joey Odom (01:07:36):


Andrew East (01:07:36):


Joey Odom (01:07:37):

That's awesome. I mean you have 70 people, is that right? I mean load 'em. We have a lot of people 

Shawn Johnson (01:07:41):


Joey Odom (01:07:41):

And there's only one winner, right? 

Andrew East (01:07:43):


Shawn Johnson (01:07:44):

Only one. 

Joey Odom (01:07:45):

We did 

Andrew East (01:07:45):

Do a Boys versus Girls night the other month. So that was a change up. But let 

Joey Odom (01:07:51):

The record show a little shalon. 

Shawn Johnson (01:07:53):

No, we can talk 

Andrew East (01:07:53):

About that later. 

Joey Odom (01:07:56):

It's just such a cool, the whole idea, and I know as you all have talked about it, is this is the age where, and Justin earlier you mentioned our friend says that you start getting into this age where you become busier, wealthier people who used to have friends. And what you're doing is again, fighting against that current to just create a commonality, create a safe space, a common space for people to come, just have fun, be themselves. So I love that. I love the group setting and just making people feel comfortable whenever it's time to, and maybe this is enough and this season of life is having the group, but what about when it's needing the one-on-one actually the vulnerability, the openness, the intimacy with a friend. How do you manage that? That's challenging. 

Andrew East (01:08:43):

I'm actually not in a phase where I'm having a lot of one-on-one. Usually I save, maybe we get one or two nights after the kids go down to hang out with friends. We usually go to bed at 8 45. 

Shawn Johnson (01:08:55):


Andrew East (01:08:56):

We have 

Joey Odom (01:08:56):

Good for you. 

Andrew East (01:08:57):

Yeah, maybe we have an hour, hour and a half after the kids go down to hang out. So I'll try to group everybody together. But I have a men's group that's changed my life where Heath has a similar group where you sign a contract, you show up and you see each other twice a month. So it's not a lot of one-on-one sharing, but it's like a group of guys who've known me for 15 years, played sports with 'em. They've seen my whole train wreck and getting back together and they just know me on a deeper level and challenge me, which is I'm so thankful for. So that's what it looks like twice a month. I 

Joey Odom (01:09:37):

Love we have. That's awesome. 

Shawn Johnson (01:09:38):

And recently, so like he said, his group of guys are all college guys that have known each other for 15 years and they're all married and having kids now. And so recently all of the wives of that group started their own. 

Joey Odom (01:09:52):

Oh, cool. 

Shawn Johnson (01:09:53):

And we meet on the same days that the boys do. The boys meet in the morning, we meet at night and we're in the process of building that bond and that trust that allows that. But we know how close our husbands are in their trust level. So it's kind of like we're doing leaps and bounds, but that's our group as well. 

Joey Odom (01:10:15):

And that's such an interesting thing. You can't rush history. You build up history slowly and you gain trust. And even if there's a mistress, I've heard of you in a moment where if there's a moment of mistrust, it's like draining a bathtub 

Shawn Johnson (01:10:30):


Joey Odom (01:10:30):

Then gaining trust is just the teaspoon of water back in at a time with every good interaction. So that's neat that you all are doing that and taking your time and being intentional and just giving a little bit more as you go along. One thing is we were talking about the way you are with friends and game night, you're modeling again that to your kids and what friendship looks like. That's just one of the themes I think is emerging here is just the way you're telling your kids a bunch of stuff too, I'm sure, but you're just modeling the way and I think that's really, really neat and I think you're also modeling for them. Just super competitiveness. Which leads us to our third game. Let's go. We got third game. 

Andrew East (01:11:06):

The tiebreaker. 

Joey Odom (01:11:06):

I got to admit, this is my favorite one. This is my favorite game. This one, this game is called Long Snapper or gymnast. Okay, 

Andrew East (01:11:16):


Joey Odom (01:11:16):

I'm going to name two names 

Andrew East (01:11:18):


Joey Odom (01:11:19):

Be five rounds because Andrew is a long snapper at Vanderbilt in the N F L. Obviously Shawn was a gymnast. So I'm going to give you two names. One of them is a long snapper, one

Joey Odom (01:11:29):

Of them is a gymnast. Okay? And these, each one just, there's no pattern to it. I've just gone alphabetical and last name. So round one you're going to have to tell me is this person, are these people? Which one's a gymnast? Which one's a long snapper? Pat Hurst and Harper LaBelle. Pat Hurst and Harper LaBelle. By the way, I went to the Olympic website like search in the fifties. So I'm hoping you don't recognize any of these names. Pat Hurst. Harper LaBelle. So who's a gymnast? Who is a long snapper? Okay, let's hear it. 

Andrew East (01:12:03):

Gymnast is Harper. 

Joey Odom (01:12:05):

Gymnast is Harper. 

Shawn Johnson (01:12:06):

Gymnast is LaBelle. 

Joey Odom (01:12:08):

That's the same label. 

Shawn Johnson (01:12:09):


Joey Odom (01:12:10):

Harper LaBelle was a long snapper. Harper LaBelle. Long snapper, no one gets a point. 

Andrew East (01:12:15):


Joey Odom (01:12:16):


Andrew East (01:12:16):


Joey Odom (01:12:17):

Long snapper or gymnast? 

Andrew East (01:12:19):


Joey Odom (01:12:20):

Now I'm going to skip this one. That was really good. Round two. Long Snapper gymnast, Kendall Gammon and Theo Weed. Kendall Gammon. Theo Weed, who was a long snapper who was a gymnast. 

Shawn Johnson (01:12:36):

Kendall's a gymnast. 

Andrew East (01:12:38):

No, Kendall Gammon. Iss a long snapper, but Kansas City Chiefs was there 12 years. 

Joey Odom (01:12:42):


Andrew East (01:12:42):


Joey Odom (01:12:44):

I'm sorry. I was hoping that didn't do any Recogniz. These are 

Andrew East (01:12:48):

Good though. 

Joey Odom (01:12:49):

Thank you. Those 

Shawn Johnson (01:12:50):

Are good. 

Joey Odom (01:12:51):

Round three, we got Bert Cronin and David Diaz, Infante, Bert Cronin, David Diaz, Infante. One of them is a long snapper, one of them is a gymnast. Cronin, David Diaz and Infante. 

Andrew East (01:13:08):

Do you know this Shawn? I've only known one of the six names that have been tossed out 

Joey Odom (01:13:14):

And I'm disappointed you knew any of them. Alright, who was the gymnast? Who was the long snapper? Burt Cronin, David Diaz and Infante. I'm going to say 

Shawn Johnson (01:13:21):


Joey Odom (01:13:22):

David was what? 

Shawn Johnson (01:13:23):

The gymnast. 

Joey Odom (01:13:24):

David was the gymnast. 

Andrew East (01:13:25):

I had that as well. 

Joey Odom (01:13:26):

David Diaz and Infante was a long snapper. Oh 

Andrew East (01:13:28):

My god. David Diaz, 

Joey Odom (01:13:30):


Andrew East (01:13:30):


Joey Odom (01:13:32):

Alright, round four. Couple great names here we got Blair Bush and Willie Welt, Blair Bush, Willie Welt. One of them is a long snapper. One of them is a gymnast. Blair Bush and Willie Welt. 

Andrew East (01:13:46):

These are great names. 

Joey Odom (01:13:48):

What do we 

Andrew East (01:13:48):

Got? Gymnast was Blair Belt. 

Shawn Johnson (01:13:51):

What did I said? 

Andrew East (01:13:51):

Or Blair Bush 

Joey Odom (01:13:52):

Gymnast was, let's clarify you mixed names. 

Andrew East (01:13:54):

Gymnast was Blair Bush. 

Shawn Johnson (01:13:56):

That's what I said. Blair 

Joey Odom (01:13:57):

Gymnast was Willie Welt. Sorry. Gymnast was. 

Andrew East (01:14:00):

Oh my gosh, dude. 

Joey Odom (01:14:01):

Number five. Now let's remind everybody it took took some time. Let's remind everybody where we are. This is the last question. We had the price, right? Shawn won Newlywed Game. Andrew won. Andrew was up one to zero on the very last question. I do have bonus if we need him. The last one, long Snapper, a gymnast, Jorgen, Hoss and Wolf Guard. Voss. Jorgen. Hoss, Wolf Guard VAs One's a gymnast. One's a long snapper. Oh, Andrew's 

Shawn Johnson (01:14:37):


Joey Odom (01:14:38):


Andrew East (01:14:39):

I'm going to say no. What do you say? 

Shawn Johnson (01:14:41):

I was going to say Wolf Guard is a gymnast. 

Andrew East (01:14:43):

I had Jurgen Hoose. I'm pretty sure it's a long snapper. 

Joey Odom (01:14:46):

You're both. You are correct. Very nice, very nice. So that means Andrew has won. He has won the RO podcast. That's a winner. Wow. Let's just see real quick. I want to throw out the bonus just to see what would happen. It doesn't mean anything. This question's only for Shawn. Shawn, who was the 2023 Super Bowl M V P 

Shawn Johnson (01:15:10):


Joey Odom (01:15:11):

2023. Our most recent Super Bowl. Who was the M V P? 

Shawn Johnson (01:15:15):

Was it Patrick Mahomes? 

Joey Odom (01:15:16):

It was Patrick Mahomes. 

Andrew East (01:15:17):


Joey Odom (01:15:18):

Andrew. Who was the 2020 Summer Olympics balance beam gold medalist. Let's, good question. Who won balance bean gold medal in 2020? Summer? That's 

Andrew East (01:15:28):

Way harder than Super Bowl. M v p Joey. 

Joey Odom (01:15:30):

It depends on what's important to you. So would your wife 

Andrew East (01:15:33):

Sunni Lee won the all around, but I don't think she won the beam. So So who won won the Beam. Jordan Chiles didn't win the beam. Simone didn't even do the Beam. Look at the, I think it's a Brazilian girl. 

Joey Odom (01:15:43):

Good knowledge. Okay, 

Andrew East (01:15:44):

I think it's Rebecca. 

Joey Odom (01:15:46):

I'll give credit for first name on 

Andrew East (01:15:47):

Broad or is that a fighter? 

Shawn Johnson (01:15:49):

No, that's 

Joey Odom (01:15:51):

Just lock. 

Andrew East (01:15:52):

Go ahead. Sorry. I don't know. 

Joey Odom (01:15:54):

SUNY Lee. SUNY Lee won the balance beam. I 

Shawn Johnson (01:15:56):

Didn't know. 

Joey Odom (01:15:56):

Good job, suny. I know you're listening. Hey guys, thank you. This was a lot of time for you to hang out. That's wonderful. I'm glad you're here. I appreciate you guys. You guys do inspire me even though I'm much older, but so glad to have you as friends. So glad to have you on the RO podcast. And I want everybody to go out. Let's hear about all the ways follow you on the gram here. The kids are calling it that. The Gram Follow Family made media on YouTube. Once you answer, where all should people go 

Andrew East (01:16:27):

Here when you're addressed family, you can find a family.com. There's also a YouTube channel or podcast. We have 15 different shows. I'll tell hopefully a different aspect of family life. So adoption, parenting, special needs, being a widow, we try to create a slate of shows that represent that. And then Shawn Johnson on all platforms. Andrew 

Shawn Johnson (01:16:49):


Andrew East (01:16:49):

Yeah, I got to say, Joey, it's been a great treat of this year. A highlight. Dare I say, getting to know you, bro. You make me giggle and it's freaking hilarious. So it's been a fun few months getting to know you and I look forward to more of this. And I'm so thankful for RO both in my personal life, just giving vocabulary and knowledge on how to navigate screen time. But then also with our family too. It's an accountability partner so that I can be the best dad that I can be and father. So I'm thankful for you. Well that's very 

Joey Odom (01:17:25):


Andrew East (01:17:25):

Thank you. And 

Joey Odom (01:17:26):

I share the same. It's been super fun 

Andrew East (01:17:28):

Getting to know you 

Joey Odom (01:17:28):

Guys. I'm super excited about baby number three, little Joey, and I'm grateful for you guys. Thank you very, very much. Thank you. Thanks. There you have it. Powerade wins. Andrew East wins The Aro Podcast against his pregnant wife, Shawn Johnson. And a lot of you were saying that wasn't very gentlemanly. I didn't say it, but a lot of you are saying that was not very gentlemanly of Andrew, but congratulations nonetheless. A couple little highlights in there that I really, really like and I want to leave them as kind of challenges for us. So as parents, how can we tailor our love differently to our kids? How can we make it specific to them as a spouse? Same thing. How can we make something specific to our spouse, the way they receive it, not necessarily the way that we would like to give our love. And then as a friend, what kind of intentional rhythm, what kind of thing can you put on the schedule with a friendship that matters to you? Those are the three challenges. Three questions as you leave this great conversation I had with Shawn Johnson and Andrew East. Hey, will you do us a favor? Two things. One, will you give us a five star rating wherever you're listening to a podcast? And then secondly, will you please share this episode with your network, with your friends? We would love others to hear this episode and hear The Aro Podcast as well. Thank you so much for joining us. I had so much fun. We can't wait to see you again next week on The Aro Podcast. 


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