The first in-home digital wellbeing solution designed for families.

Take advantage of the precious time together rather than spending it on your phones

4 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"Best moments have been when I’ve totally forgotten about my phone. Then been like, where is it? Oh, in Aro."
Keith M
Keith M
4 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"Aro told me that I’d regained 1 hour and 4 minutes. I was so proud of myself. I was a tiny bit giddy. I did it."
Mistye W - Mom of 4
Mistye W - Mom of 4
4 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"It was nice that I wasn't even thinking about my phone or where it was."
Morgan A
Morgan A

Gamify the experience of being off your phone


verb • ȯ-(ˌ)rō

To face, turn towards, take heed, take notice of, pay attention to, consider.

The Aro platform combines an app and a physical device to create distance between you and your phone so you can have quality time without the distraction of your device.

the aro app

Track your time away

Set personalized goals for putting down your phone and track your daily progress. We all love filling in that ring.

the aro app

Invite friends & family

Turn phone-free time into a fun activity for everyone. A little competition can go a long way in helping you hit your goals.

the aro app

Receive Reminders

We are here to help. The Aro app will remind you to put down your phone in the moments that matter.

the aro app

See progress

Aro will show you data to help improve your phone habits. Instead of feeling bad about your screen time you can feel proud of your intentional off-screen time.

Live outside the box.

Aro gives you a place to charge your phone, gentle reminders to set good habits, and the opportunity to notice and enjoy the life happening right in front of you.

A phone showing the Aro app is leaning against an Aro with a black finish.

Savor family moments

Take advantage of the precious time together rather than spending it on your phones.

Have some me time

Turn off the outside voices and enjoy that book you’ve been meaning to read. You deserve it.

Let kids be kids again

A world of possibility and imagination opens up for your kids when their phones are in Aro.

Reconnect with your partner

There’s a pretty great person on the other side of your screen. You’ll like them. We promise.

Unashamedly aspirational.
Hyper practical.


  • Durable titanium
  • PVD coating
  • Non-allergenic, non-metallic, seamless inner molding
  • Water resistant up to 100m

Weight & Dimensions

  • Width: 7.9mm
  • Length: 7.9mm
  • Height: 7.9mm
  • Weight: 4 to 7 grams (depending on size)

Battery & Power

  • 4 to 7 days of batter life
  • Full charge in 20 to 80 minutes


  • Bluetooth low-energy (Bluetooth Smart)
  • Automatic firmware updates via Aro app
  • EMF-safe and allows airplane mode

Frequently asked questions

Still have some questions? Contact us.

How many phones does Aro hold?

Aro will hold, charge, and connect to five phones at once.

Will Aro fit my phone if it has a case?

Yes. We designed the smart box to fit a variety of phone sizes with and without cases. Many customers have large cases and/or card holders on their phones and they fit nicely in the slots designed to hold phones. Those slots are there for organization purposes more than anything. It's not required for your phone to be placed inside them to charge or to be tracking your Aro time.

What does "Aro" mean?

Aro is a Maori word that means “to notice, turn towards, take heed, pay attention to, or consider.”  It inspired us because we want to help you notice what’s possible when you live your life, uninterrupted. Because we know it can be a bit confusing, we also want to help you notice that it’s pronounced like you’re saying the letters “R-O” and not “arrow.”

Who is Aro designed for?

Aro is for anyone who wants to reduce their screen time but has not found a solution that works. Whether you want to focus on fun, family, work, your latest crazy hobby, or maybe want to be a little more aware of what the world around you is like when you’re not looking at your phone, Aro makes it easy for you to put down your phone.

How does my phone connect to the Aro Home device?

Over 500 electrical components and patent-pending technology allow the device to connect to the app using Bluetooth, but without a complicated pairing process. The smart box automatically detects when your phone is placed inside the box. No pairing necessary.

What is included with my membership?

Aro is more than a box for your phone. It’s a platform built on the science and principles of habit formation to help you develop the habit of putting down your phone. Your Aro Membership (required) includes access for your entire household to the Aro app which enables to you connect to the smart box, set goals, measure the time you spend away from your phone, access your data to improve your phone habits, and even connect and compete with friends and family across the Aro community. The membership structure also allows us to constantly deliver new features and benefits to our customers.

Does Aro charge my phone?

Yes. Aro will charge five phones at once with one wireless charger and four charging cables. We recommend rounding up all the charging cables around the house and using Aro as the one place to charge your phones. It will help make phone-free time a habit and also keep those phones out of our room.

Where should I put my Aro home device?

The Aro Home device is the visual cue to put down your phone, so it has to be beautiful enough to be displayed in your home. You will want to show it off. High-traffic places like kitchens, living rooms, and foyers are a popular spot because you see it and are reminded to put down your phone.

What if I have more questions?

Check out our Help Center for a full list of FAQs and ways to get in touch with us.

Life happens off your phone

Join the movement of people putting down our phones and engaging in real life.