10 Ways Aro Transformed A Family According to Mom

May 29, 2024
Diane Almanzor

We're all familiar with the scene: parents glued to their phones while kids try to get their attention. The kids might say, "Mom, put down your phone!" It's a struggle that many families face in our tech-driven world.

Phones and tablets are super handy, but they can also steal our focus. Even with the best intentions, it’s easy to get sucked into screen time.

Stephanie Christensen, a homeschooling mom of four girls from Alabama, knows this all too well. Her 8-year-old daughter once summed up her day as taking care of the house, taking care of the kids, and being on her phone. 

Like many of us, Stephanie used her phone to manage household tasks and stay connected, but it started to distract her from her family. She eventually turned to Aro to help her and her family develop healtihier relationships with their devices.

Transforming Family Life: 10 Ways Aro Changed Everything

On The Aro Podcast, Stephanie shared her journey of reclaiming family time from her phone using Aro. Here’s how she did it:

1. Transforming Family Dinners

Stephanie noticed that phones were always interrupting their family dinners. So, she decided to try a no-phone rule during meals. It was a bit tough at first, but soon everyone started loving the phone-free conversations. They laughed more, shared funny stories from their day, and really connected over dinner. This simple change turned mealtime into their favorite family time.

2. Sleeping Without Scrolling

Stephanie used to struggle with sleep because her phone was the last thing she looked at before bed and the first thing she reached for in the morning. She started putting her phone in the Aro box each night and committed to a new bedtime routine. 

Without the phone’s glow, she fell asleep faster and woke up feeling refreshed. Her mornings became a time for devotionals and a quick workout, setting a positive tone for the day. Over time, she noticed a big improvement in her sleep and energy levels.

3. Focusing on Intentionality

With phones out of the way, Stephanie's family began to live more intentionally. They started dreaming together about things like starting a garden or planning fun trips. And they didn’t just talk about these dreams—they made them happen! 

One weekend, they built garden boxes and planted vegetables, turning their backyard into a green oasis. These projects brought them closer and filled their days with joy and purpose.

4. Getting the Kids Involved

Stephanie’s kids seemed a lot happier once the phones were put away. They felt more connected and valued because they had their parents' full attention. Sometimes, they would even ask to put her phone in the box so they could play games together. This led to more fun and engaging family activities. Game nights became a weekly tradition, filled with laughter and great memories.

5. Enhancing Homeschooling

Homeschooling got a whole lot better without the distraction of phones. Stephanie kept her phone in the box during school hours, which allowed her to be fully present with her kids. 

They spent more time outside, exploring and learning in nature. This focus made their homeschooling sessions more effective and enjoyable. The kids loved the new, interactive way of learning, and their bond with Stephanie grew stronger.

6. Strengthening Marriage

Stephanie and her husband decided to prioritize their relationship by having regular date nights. They used Aro Flip to keep their phones out of sight, which helped them connect more deeply. 

These dates turned into special moments where they could talk openly and enjoy each other's company without distractions. This improvement in their communication strengthened their marriage and positively impacted their whole family.

7. Developing Social Connection

Their social life flourished as they became more present and engaged with friends and family. Hosting dinners and visiting friends became enjoyable, phone-free experiences. These gatherings allowed for deeper and more meaningful conversations. 

Stephanie and her husband found that their friendships grew stronger, providing a supportive network for their family. These regular social interactions brought new joy and connections into their lives.

8. Becoming a More Present Parent

Stephanie took a parenting course to enhance her skills. With her phone out of the way, she was able to fully focus on the course and apply what she learned. Her children responded positively to the increased attention and guidance. 

The family environment became more harmonious as everyone adapted to these new parenting techniques. Stephanie felt more confident and effective in her role as a parent.

9. Boosting Productivity at Home and at Work

Keeping her home organized became easier without constant phone interruptions. Stephanie adopted a minimalist approach, decluttering and creating a more peaceful living space. This organization reduced stress and made daily tasks more efficient. 

She took pride in maintaining a tidy home, which improved the overall family atmosphere. A well-kept home contributed to a serene and enjoyable environment for everyone.

10. Investing in Self-Care

All these positive changes led Stephanie to a happier, more fulfilled life. Improved sleep, stronger relationships, and a well-managed home created a sense of balance and well-being. She found more time for personal interests and self-care, becoming more in tune with her true self. 

This happiness and satisfaction spread across all areas of her life, allowing her to support and uplift her family more effectively. Stephanie’s journey with Aro transformed her family life in ways she never imagined possible.

Building Better Habits: How Little Changes Add Up

Stephanie’s journey to digital wellness was all about taking it one step at a time. It wasn’t like she woke up one day and everything was perfect. Instead, it was a bunch of small changes that added up over time. 

She started with something simple: using the Aro box at night to help her unplug. Then, she added morning routines like a quick workout and some devotionals before grabbing her phone. Gradually, she got into the habit of putting her phone away while homeschooling and doing chores to stay more present.

The family didn’t just snap their fingers and have all these new routines in place. It took time to build habits like weekly family game nights and monthly date nights with her husband. 

Looking back, Stephanie can really see how those small, consistent changes over the past year have totally transformed their family life.

The secret? Not aiming for perfection or expecting huge changes right away. Digital wellness is something you build slowly, with small, manageable steps. 

Just like forming any new habit, it takes time and repetition to create new patterns. But those little steps? They really do add up to big results.

Digital Balance Made Easy

Life with small kids is a whirlwind, especially if you're juggling work or homeschooling too. It’s so easy to get sucked into your phone with a million things demanding your attention. But hey, don’t lose hope—you can totally improve your digital wellness, even if it feels impossible right now.

We all struggle with being present and intentional in our daily lives. Technology often sneaks in and gets in the way, even when we mean well. If this sounds like you, remember that you’re not alone. Small steps can make a huge difference in reclaiming your time and focus.

Building new habits takes time and patience, but you can do it. Be kind to yourself along the way. Get your family involved too; you can motivate each other. 

Digital wellness is a lifelong journey that gets better over time. Start today with Aro and take back control of your time and attention.

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