Flip Your Way to Focus: Aro Brings Your Digital Detox Anytime, Anywhere

February 6, 2024
Diane Almanzor

Struggling to find a balance between staying connected and unplugging in a world glued to screens? Meet Aro Flip. It's our fresh take on achieving digital well-being without the hassle. 

With just a simple action—placing your phone face down—you're transported into an Aro session, logging off from the digital world and tuning into the moment, wherever you are. 

No gadgets, no specific settings. Just you, your phone, and a commitment to living more mindfully. 

Taking Aro On the Go

We created Aro Flip after listening to our users, who wanted to integrate Aro into more aspects of their lives, not just at home. Envisioned for moments from poolside lounging to commuting, it's our answer towards a more flexible digital well-being. 

But how exactly does Aro Flip transform your digital well-being?  

Imagine rushing through your day, your phone buzzing non-stop with notifications, emails piling up, and social media demanding your attention. Then, you remember Aro Flip. 

With a simple gesture—flipping your phone over—you step into a tranquil space. Suddenly, you're not just waiting in line or sitting through a commute—you're taking a mindful pause. 

The Flip feature enables us to take the Aro experience to exciting new levels by making it possible to go Aro anytime, anywhere. Its on-the-go capability allows you to enjoy the full benefits of Aro without the need for the Aro box.

Aro Flip offers enhanced navigation that makes accessing Aro sessions easier than ever. A new Aro bot button offers one-tap access to start or add previous sessions. This streamlined process allows you to log sessions faster, reducing friction on your path to digital mindfulness.

Optimized tagging and session editing are now also available, making reflecting on your Aro time simpler. Improved flows enable easier session tagging, while more intuitive editing simplifies modifying session details. With this, you can now effortlessly account for and reflect on your Aro time.

No longer confined to sessions at home, Aro Flip provides unprecedented flexibility to integrate mindful time management into your daily life, whether you're at the park, beach, cafe, or even on vacation. 

Meaningful Connections Beyond the Screen

In a world of endless digital distractions, Aro stands apart by enabling users to have more meaningful connections with the people and activities they care about most. 

We recognize that technology is innately neither good nor bad—it's how we relate to it that matters. That mindset fuels our human-centered design process and commitment to creating solutions that don't vilify tech but rather promote balance. 

While other tools focus on restricting time or blocking content, we take a more nuanced, personalized approach. Our goal is to empower you with insights about your habits so you can make informed choices that align with your values. 

Aro delivers real-time notifications and provides a window into your patterns. Most importantly, it makes space for you to set aligned intentions. It's this blend of data and emotional intelligence that sets us apart.

And with the launch of Aro Flip, we're providing more than just a powerful new addition—we're opening up a world of possibilities—a world where you get the most out of every minute, where you feel centered, refreshed, and engaged.

A life spent living, not just scrolling—this is the promise of Aro Flip. Discover how Aro Flip can make that possible and begin enjoying life uninterruptedly today.

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