2024's Top Picks: Kid-Friendly Phones and Watches That Parents Love

February 21, 2024
Diane Almanzor

Remember the buzz you felt when you got your first phone or gadget? Now, it’s your kid’s turn to experience that magic. Every swipe and tap opens up a new world for them—a world full of wonder and discovery. 

But let’s be real. As the cool parent you are, you know it’s not just about giving them the latest tech toy. It’s about finding gadgets that are as safe as they are exciting.

Here’s a stat to chew on: a Common Sense Media study found that kids aged 11 to 17 are clocking in around 4.5 hours a day on their phones. That’s a lot of screen time, right? It shows why it’s super important to pick the right kind of phone or watch for your little one. You want something that balances fun with safety and learning because, let’s face it, these devices are pretty much glued to their hands.

As 2024 rolls in, tech for kids is getting cooler and smarter. But with so many options out there, how do you pick the right one? Don’t sweat it; we've got you covered. This guide is your go-to for the latest and greatest in kid-friendly phones and watches. 


Troomi is the phone that's all about growing up with your kid. It's got a KidSmart OS that's like a digital safety net, keeping the scary internet stuff at bay. But the cool part? It's not just about safety. With GPS tracking and music options, Troomi adapts as your child gets older, giving them more freedom when they're ready for it. It's the phone version of training wheels that come off when your kid's ready to ride solo.

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Bark Phone

The Bark Phone is a super-smart, super-watchful babysitter for your kid's digital life. For about $29 a month, you get more than just a gadget for calls and texts. This Samsung Android handset is like a window into their world. You can keep an eye on where they are, what they're up to online, how much screen time they're clocking in, and even what they're doing on social media. 


Pinwheel is not your run-of-the-mill phone. Packed with the Pinwheel Operating System, think of this phone as a safeguard from the internet's wild side. It's got over a thousand apps that have been vetted for learning and fun—no web browsers or social media to worry about. Just a safe, educational bubble for your little one to explore and grow.

Gabb Phone Plus 

This little gadget is like a breath of fresh air in the world of kids' phones. Gabb Phone Plus is a pure, unadulterated phone experience. No sneaky internet or addictive social media here. Just the essentials—calls, texts, and GPS tracking. Plus, it's got a library of tunes that are all kid-friendly. It's the kind of phone that lets your kid stay in touch and stay safe without getting lost in the online jungle.

Cosmo Watch

COSMO watches are all about keeping your child connected without distractions. They've got communication, GPS, and health features – but no social media or games to mess around with. COSMO's mission is to keep your child in check. They want the kids to enjoy the perks of gadgets without losing their mind to screens. They're all about a balanced, mindful, and connected lifestyle.

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Angel Watch

This is a mini superhero on your kid's wrist. Angel Watch Series R is a smartwatch that lets children call and text, but only with people you've given the thumbs-up. It's got GPS to keep tabs on their whereabouts and even check on their health. And the best part? No social media or games to distract them.

TickTalk 4

Imagine a watch that's like your kid's personal command center. That's the TickTalk 4. It’s perfect for kids from 5 to 12 years old. They can make HD video calls and send messages, and you can track them with GPS. It's all the fun they want without the worry of the internet or social media lurking.

Verizon Gizmo Watch 3

Think of this as a kid's first step into the tech world. Great for little ones aged 3 to 11, the Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 is packed with features like GPS, safe zones, and video calls. Plus, you can adjust it as they grow, making it a long-term buddy for their childhood adventures.

Gabb Watch

Last but not least, there's the Gabb Watch. It functions as a lesson in digital balance. With essential features like calling, texting, and GPS tracking, it's a watch that keeps your kids connected safely. Add in a fitness tracker and a memory game, and you've got a smartwatch that's as smart about safety as it is about fun.

Picking the Perfect Phones & Watches for Kids

Getting kid-friendly phones and watches for 2024 is all about bringing tech into your kid's life in a way that's safe, smart, and actually fun. You want to make sure their first steps into the digital world are on the right path.

When you're picking out gadgets for your little ones, why not check out something like the Aro while you are at it? It's a game-changer for keeping those phone habits in check. 

Think of Aro as your sidekick in managing screen time, nudging the kids (and maybe even you) to take breaks and enjoy some screen-free moments. It’s all about creating that healthy digital balance right from the get-go. Give Aro a go and see how it transforms your family’s tech time.

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