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See why families love Aro

A positive and practical approach to putting down our phones to be more present in the moments that matter

“Aro holds us accountable for the time that we spend every day. Instead of looking down at our phones, we’re looking into our kids’ eyes, we’re playing with them, and we’re shaping our family in a more loving and powerful way.”

A family photo

Clay McInnis

Aro Member, Husband, Dad of 2

"When my kids grow up, I want them to remember their parents being present and engaged with them. I want them to remember that mom and dad didn't have their heads down reading the news or scrolling social media when we were spending time together."

Shelly M
Aro Member, Wife, Mom

“We’ve always had our kids keep their devices outside in the living room before they go to bed, but now our daughter loves putting her phone in Aro at night so she gets credit for her time away.”

Erin B
Aro Member, Wife, Mom

"Having a specified place to put my phone when I'm not using it has made staying off of it so much easier! I often find myself about to start a task with my phone beside me, to then quickly run and put it in Aro to make sure I'm getting credit for my time off of it."

Carly G
Aro Member, Teenager
Devious semikoli

Membership FAQs

  • Who is Aro for?

    Aro was built by and designed for families who feel the tension around smartphones and screentime. For families with young kids, it’s built for us to model good phone behavior and maximize time together. For families with kids who have phones, it’s built to help our kids create a healthy relationship with their phones and to give us peace of mind. For relationships, it’s built to help us align our actions with our best intentions so we can be fully present with the people who matter most to us.

  • How much does the Aro membership cost?

    Annual memberships for your whole family start at $22 a month for 12 months or an upfront payment of $180 for the year (32% savings). 24-month memberships are also available for $288, or the equivalent of $12 per month. That cost gives everyone in your home access to the Aro app and Aro Home device. Select Your Membership & Get Started Here

  • How long is the Aro membership period?

    Both the monthly and annual plans are 12-month commitments, and the 24-month plan is an upfront two-year commitment.

  • Does my entire family get access to Aro?

    Yes. And we hope you do. We are all about helping families connect, so get everyone involved! You can invite them to join your account from the Aro app.

  • Does Aro work with kid-phones?

    Yes. The Aro app is approved on select kid-phones including Troomi, Pinwheel, and Bark.

  • Why is Aro a membership?

    Your Aro Membership includes access for your entire household to the Aro app which enables to you connect to the Home device, set goals, measure the time you spend away from your phone, access your data to improve your phone habits, and even compete with family to make phone-free time fun for everyone. We continue to release new features and content to help you continue to put down your phone and be present. The membership structure also allows us to constantly deliver new features, content, and benefits to help you be intentional about how you spend your time.

  • What type of charging cables come with the Aro box, and are they replaceable?

    The Aro box ships with either four Lightning cables (for iPhone 14 and earlier) or four USB-C cables (for iPhone 15 and Android). The white tray covering the cables is removable, so you can easily swap out the cables to charge combination of phones or other devices.

  • Can I purchase the Home device without the membership?

    The Aro Home device is only available with an Aro membership, and that membership provides access to the Aro app for everyone in your household in addition to the Aro Home device. The Aro platform was designed for both the app and device to work in tandem to help develop the habit of putting down your phone, and the box activates all the features within the app that drive that habit change by making it fun and easy.

  • Do you offer bulk orders? I'm interested in ordering for my team or company.

    Yes. Aro has become a popular gift for companies, churches, and other organizations. It's a great way to show your team you value their personal time and want them to unplug at home. Contact us at for more information on bulk orders.

  • What happens with the device if I choose not to renew?

    You do not have to send back the device if you decide not to renew your membership after your subscription period. The Aro home device will still work as a charging station if you cancel, but you lose access to the app, the ability to track time away from your phone, and the gamification features, motivational content, and habit-forming data within the app.

  • Is Aro available outside of the US?

    Aro is currently only available in the United States. We continue to evaluate international expansion, so please let us know if you are interested in Aro and where you are located. It will help us prioritize our global growth. Email us at to let us know.

  • What is your return policy?

    We want you to experience the impact Aro can have on your family, so you you can try Aro risk-free for 30 days.

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