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Person holding a phone displaying the Aro app

The Aro app

The Aro app gamifies the experience of being off your phone. It's the first app designed to reduce screen time by pairing with a device to help you put down your phone. Set goals, get reminders, track time away, and compete with others.

A man placing his phone in the Aro box

The Aro Home device

It’s beautiful, designed to be seen, and packed full of technology. The Aro Home device automatically connects to your phone when it’s placed inside and starts measuring the time you spend away from your phone. Oh yeah. It charges five phones at once too.

A son greeting his dad as he walks in the door

The Aro experience

Aro is so much more than an app and box for you phone. It’s about what happens once you put down your phone. Aro creates an environment where phones aren't a distraction so you can make lifelong memories.

See why our members love Aro

A positive and practical approach to putting down our phones to be more present in the moments that matter

“Having Aro is just like having a personal trainer in a gym. If you don’t get motivated enough to exercise on your own, you’re going to have to find accountability to do it. We’re getting to a point where the need is great for accountability for our usage of our phones, and that’s where Aro comes in.”

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Clay McInnis

Aro Member, Husband, Dad of 2

“I really love it when I see my weekly recap in the Aro app. When I see that I’ve regained 20 hours of time away from my phone at the end of a week,, it feels really good. It feels like I’m living better, and I’m making moves towards a better future.”

Todd Linder
Aro Member, Husband

“We’ve always had our kids keep their devices outside in the living room before they go to bed, but now our daughter loves putting her phone in Aro at night so she gets credit for her time away.”

Erin B
Aro Member, Wife, Mom

"Having a specified place to put my phone when I'm not using it has made staying off of it so much easier! I often find myself about to start a task with my phone beside me, to then quickly run and put it in Aro to make sure I'm getting credit for my time off of it."

Carly G
Aro Member, Teenager

Why Aro

A positive and practical approach to putting down our phones to be more present in the moments that matter

Person placing their phone in the Aro Home device and closing the lid

Creates space from your phone

Unlike other solutions designed to reduce screen time, the Aro platform combines an app and a physical device to create distance between you and your phone so you can have quality time without the distraction of your phone.

Someone tagging the Aro session after more than an hour away from their phone

Gives you credit for intentional time

We live in a gamified world - badges, streaks, achievements, and filling in that daily ring. Aro gives you credit for the time you spend engaged in real life because the reward builds the habit of putting down your phone.

Two phones charging in the Aro Home device with the lid open

Practical for your everyday life

No heavy handed approaches here. Getting rid of your phone or completely locking it away are not practical solutions. We need our phones...but maybe not at the dinner table or during a conversation. We designed Aro to fit in your everyday rhythms.

Family cooking in a kitchen with phones in the Aro Home device behind them

Designed with families in mind

We've spent years researching, designing, and developing a solution to help both parents and kids. From a beautiful device Mom won't hate on the kitchen counter to the celebratory GIFs in the app, the whole family will love Aro.

Devious semikoli

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Contact us at

  • Will I still get calls, texts, and notifications when my phone is in Aro?

    Yes. Aro does not disable any of your phone's functionality. You will still hear it ring or vibrate. We like to say your phone is out of sight but not out of service.

  • Does the Aro membership cover my entire family?

    Yes. We are all about helping families connect, so get everyone involved! You can invite them to join your account from the Aro app.

  • How does my phone connect to the Aro Home device?

    The Home device connects to the app using Bluetooth, but without a complicated pairing process. The device automatically detects when your phone is placed inside the box. No pairing necessary.

  • Will Aro fit my phone if it has a case?

    Aro was designed to fit a variety of phone models and sizes both with and without cases. Phones in cases may not be able to wirelessly charge but can still charge with one of the included lightning charging cables.

  • Does my phone need to be charging in order to connect and get credit?

    Your phone does not need to be plugged in to connect and get credit.

  • Can I purchase the Aro Home device without the membership?

    The Aro Home device is only available with an Aro membership, and that membership provides access to the Aro app for everyone in your household in addition to the Aro box.

  • How many phones can connect to the Home device?

    The Aro home device will connect to and charge five phones at once.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Email questions to

A woman wakes up in bed. The Aro is in the foregound on a low table.A family walking outside after placing their phones in the Aro box

The best things in life are phone-free

Find better phone-use rhythms so you can focus on a world outside of your phone.