School's Out. But that means one less year with our kids

May 18, 2023
Heath Wilson

We've been attending our friends’ parties for their sons and daughters. It’s an exciting time for them. For me, it’s a wake-up call. See, our two oldest children (twins) are heading into their senior year. The reality that time is limited is setting in and memories are flooding my mind. These are the same kids that we didn’t think we’d be able to have, that we fought so hard for, that we longed for, prayed for. 

One year left at home. The countdown has begun. Soon they will leave for their next chapter as adults. 

It got me thinking and then I started calculating. Time is short. We all know that, but I did the actual math and it jolted me. Here’s my reality:

⏳ 90% of the time I will ever spend with them will be gone when they head off to college

⏲️ I get 8.2 days in total if I spend 45 minutes with them each weekday

⏰ I claim another 17.3 days if I spend 4 hours across each remaining weekend

I have 25 days left with my kids before they leave the house for good. That’s it. 25 DAYS OVER THE NEXT 365!

It’s exciting for them. I’m excited for them. It’s fine, I’m fine, everything’s fine!! 

Not really if I’m honest. However, now more than ever, I’m motivated to align my actions with my intentions over the next 365.

And my intention is to take advantage of the 25 remaining days.

✅ I'm not about to waste this time scrolling on my phone. One way I will do this is to continue to rely on Aro to remind me. The good news is I already challenged myself to spend half the year off my phone.

✅ Another way, I will trade productivity and “getting things done” for quality time, trash time, some time, any time.

I intend to cherish whatever time I can manage with each of them. And, if I do the above, I can reclaim time, manufacture time even. 

Don’t get me wrong. I have no doubt that the remaining 10% of our time together over their life will be incredible, but today, tomorrow, and every day until they graduate, I’m focused on the 25 of the next 365.

Heath Wilson
Dad | Husband | Aro Co-Founder

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