I Didn’t Think I Needed Aro

April 26, 2022
Mistye W

I’m the CEO of my household, boss lady, domestic engineer, chauffeur. That’s right, I’m a stay-at-home-mom.  I don’t use my phone that often. Honestly, I lose my phone most of the day in my house. I’m not attached to my phone.

Two days ago, I really wanted to be more intentional during my devotion/reflection time. Then it dawned on me, “hey, I have a husband who’s been working on a great idea for a couple of years, maybe I should give it a shot.” Aro has been great for my children and Heath. They need it to take breaks, to look up, and notice. The phone is my escape or my lifeline. I have viewed it very differently for myself than for them. (I mean, I don’t NEED Aro.)

So, after several months of Heath mentioning that I could download the ever-evolving app on my phone, I decided to go for it. Why not?

Downloading was actually EASY! Quick! I’m no dummy, but technology is not my forte. That’s okay, we can’t be great at everything. When I slipped my phone into the Aro box, I immediately heard this little “ping”. I have to admit, it felt like I’d gotten a pat on the back before anything really happened.  It’s like the box started keeping time before I even started my devotion. I went to my quiet spot, and I bet not even 2 minutes went by when I saw something amazing that I wanted to share with my friend. Here is how it all went down:

‘I’ll shoot her a quick text. She’d love to know….oh….No phone.

Focus Mistye, this is your time.

I read on and realized I wanted to screenshot part of the book that I wanted to keep on hand. Oops. No phone. Hmmmm, there might be something to this…

I went back and forth in my mind with thoughts that I was using my phone for others, to share things with them, to copy things for myself, to search for the name of an author.  I’m using my phone for good…right?

Then it hit me. Oh...I need this. It’s brilliant. I can actually have this quiet time alone and be…alone.

I felt such freedom at that moment. I started reading, writing, reflecting, imagining and feeling inspiration within myself. My senses were strong, and my thoughts were clear. It was the best devotion I’ve made since I can remember. Instead of copy/pasting a passage or article, I had to write it. Instead of googling my questions or thoughts, I had to THINK about them. Instead of messaging a friend that I’m thinking of her, I thought about myself. My devotion and reflection became about me. It became about why I needed the devotion. No one else. I was able to devote my time and reflect on the things that were important for me. What a gift.

After I finished my quiet time, I went down to retrieve my phone and run my errands. I pulled that little guy out of there and received yet another little “ping”. Aro told me that I’d regained 1 hour and 4 minutes. I let that sink in and you know what? I was so proud of myself. I was a tiny bit giddy. I did it. I had wanted to be more intentional with my devotion, and that’s exactly what happened! And I have PROOF! Nailed it! I was thrilled that Heath had been working on this for our family, our friends, maybe our world. Today, I was thrilled that he’s working on this for me.

Who knew, I actually need Aro.

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