How to Avoid Tech-Induced Anxiety

April 24, 2024
Diane Almanzor

Ever feel like your phone is a third wheel in every conversation? Or maybe you've noticed your kids can't seem to look away from their tablets. Yeah, us too. It's called tech-induced anxiety, and it's real. 

A study by Deloitte found that one-third of smartphone users avoid traditional calls, using their devices just mainly for tasks like email, shopping, and social media. This constant connectivity often leads to tech-induced anxiety.

What’s Going On?

Tech-induced anxiety. It sounds fancy, but it's just the stress we feel from being online too much. And it's not just you. It's all of us, kids included. Phones buzzing, emails flying, social media... it's a lot.

Tech-induced anxiety manifests through a cocktail of symptoms, including restlessness, increased stress levels, difficulty concentrating, and a pervasive sense of being overwhelmed.

Social media, in particular, can contribute to tech-induced anxiety by painting a distorted picture of life and creating a dangerous sense of anonymity that can lead to cyberbullying.

Why’s It Happening?

Several factors contribute to the rise of this modern anxiety. These are the following: 

  • Too Much Info. Our brains weren't made to handle the internet's info dump. Information overload bombards us with more data than we can process, leading to decision fatigue and stress. 
  • The Comparison Game. Scrolling through everyone's highlight reels on social media? Yeah, it messes with our heads. Social media platforms, while offering invaluable connections, also fuel a comparison culture where individuals measure their lives against often unrealistic portrayals of others, affecting self-esteem and happiness. 
  • FOMO. That nagging feeling you're missing out because everyone else seems to be having more fun? Courtesy of your device. This keeps us glued to our notifications, fearing we'll miss something important if we disconnect. 
  • Online Drama. For us parents, worrying about cyberbullying and what our kids are up to online adds another layer of stress.

Families Feeling It

It's not just you or me. It's our homes, our dinner tables, and our family movie nights. When our faces are buried in screens, we miss out on real-life moments. And it's not great for our kids either. They're watching us and learning from us. 

Our kids, in particular, are vulnerable, absorbing our digital habits and experiencing forms of tech-induced stress. The digital age requires a new approach to parenting, one that acknowledges the unique challenges of growing up in a digital world.

One way to solve this within the family is to be a good example to your kids. According to a study, by being a good example, parents can engage their children's mirror neurons and help them learn faster and better. This can help guide them to the rightful use of technology. 

What to Do?

Addressing tech-induced anxiety is not about demonizing technology but about finding a balance and here are some practical ways we can do it:

  • Mindful Scrolling. Combating tech-induced anxiety begins with mindful technology use. Let's start using our gadgets on purpose, not out of habit. Decide why you're picking up that phone. 
  • Tech Breaks. How about tech-free zones at home? Establishing clear boundaries around device usage can help families disconnect and recharge. Maybe the dinner table or bedrooms. A little break can do wonders. 
  • Family Game Plan. Sit down with the fam. Talk about when and how we use our devices. Make it a team effort. 
  • Talk it Out. We need to talk. Not just texting. Real talk. We parents should feel empowered to discuss the challenges and experiences of the digital world with our children, fostering an environment where feelings and concerns can be shared freely. 

Tools to Help

Loads of apps out there can help us keep an eye on screen time. And lots of books and websites offer great tips for digital parenting. We're not alone in this.

There are numerous apps and software options designed to monitor and limit screen time effectively. For parents, educational resources on digital parenting can offer guidance and support. 

Additionally, support groups and professional assistance can provide relief and strategies for managing tech-induced anxiety, offering a lifeline for those feeling overwhelmed.

Rediscover Life Beyond Phones

Tech's not the enemy. It's pretty awesome. But like everything, it's about balance. By understanding its causes, recognizing its impact on our families, and employing strategies to manage it, we can foster a healthier, more mindful relationship with technology. 

Let's embrace this challenge together, sharing our experiences and strategies to support one another in navigating the digital age with confidence and peace.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your phone? Aro's here to help us all break free from tech-induced anxiety, with a stylish piece of hardware that not only charges our phones but also tracks how long we've happily ignored them. Join us in rediscovering life beyond the screen with Aro.

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