How Much Time Should I Spend in Aro?

April 7, 2022
Joey Odom

Any time is good time

We get asked all the time, "How much time should I be putting my phone in Aro each day?" With things like Screen Time, we all have context of how often we are on our phones, but we don't have context to how often we should be off time. We firmly believe, no matter your motivation, that any time is good time, and that you should be the one to determine that.

Everyone’s needs are different

In fact, early Aro users tended to fall into one of four categories that helped shape Aro’s app design.

  • Family Connect: Those looking to create more time and space to connect with family
  • Mindful Phone Use: Establishing simple boundaries and habit building to create a healthy awareness
  • Digital Retreat: Reducing phone use in a big way and going on an attention vacation
  • Personal Focus: Creating a bit of space to focus on what matters to you

Start with a few minutes each day

While everyone's goals may be different, accomplishing them starts the same way - by making phone-free time a part of your daily routine, even if it's just for a few minutes every day.

We get it. Being away from your phone feels weird. It took me a long time to be comfortable doing things without my phone. Starting small helped me overcome the anxiety of not having my phone on me at all times, and it also gave me a sense of accomplishment because I was able to achieve those initial goals. Over time, I’ve learned that family dinners are non-negotiable. Or family TV time is phone-free. But even as I write, I have my phone next to me, as I’m expecting a call.

I guess the only real prescription we have is that we spend a few minutes every day in Aro. It's all about balance.

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Aro helps families put down their phones to connect, relax, and recharge.

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Life happens off your phone

Make phone-free time a part of your daily routine with Aro.