How Aro Helps Me Sleep Better

June 8, 2022
Katelyn Farley

As I sit here writing about my bedtime routine, I can’t help but feel a little silly as a young woman writing about something you usually hear parents talking about when referring to their children. But, here I am. And I take bedtime very seriously - just ask my mom!

As soon as I learned about Aro, I knew it was something that was right up my alley. I’m a bit of a health and wellness fanatic, including finding new ways to step up my bedtime routine and searching for tips to help me sleep better at night.

What do you think is one of the biggest tips for quality sleep? You probably guessed it - putting away the screens before bed.

Now, as someone who tries to prioritize health and wellness, but also catches herself scrolling on her phone before bed until she’s nodding off with her phone in her hand, you could say I needed some assistance when it came to my bedtime routine and my phone habits.

So many times I would tell myself, “okay Katelyn, 10 more minutes on your phone and then it’s time to read before you go to sleep.”

Sometimes that would work, but more times than not, I would end up in the same scenario I just described…endlessly scrolling while laying in bed.

When I got my Aro I was excited to finally have something to hold me accountable to reading even just 10 pages of a book before bed and, most importantly, to get a good night’s rest.

I’ll be honest, the idea of not having my phone on my nightstand next to me while I slept was a little unnerving. Plus, I use my phone as my alarm clock. I needed to hear it and have it nearby. I ended up putting my Aro in my bedroom all the way across the room away from my bed. That helped me create some space so I couldn’t reach over and grab my phone in bed, and it also let me continue to use it as my alarm. 

Now the moment of truth - my first Aro session. I set my alarm, dropped my phone in Aro, and heard the reassuring beep telling me my phone connected and it was tracking time I spent away from my phone.

I then read a few pages of a book and went to bed. I couldn’t believe how easy Aro made it to go to bed without scrolling on my phone. 

The next morning I heard my alarm go off and had to physically get up out of bed to grab my phone out of Aro to turn it off. I hadn't considered that putting my phone across the room would force me to get up and not snooze ten times. A nice little benefit of Aro too. 

That wasn’t all, though! The Aro app gave me credit for the time I intentionally put my phone down. I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment when I saw the little notification congratulating me on 8 hours of phone-free time. 

Now I put my phone in Aro every night when I go to sleep. Aro has taken the pressure off me wanting to grab my phone and hop in bed. Like Aro says, “Out of Sight. Peace of Mind.”

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Make phone-free time a part of your daily routine with Aro.