We "Aro" as a Family

June 13, 2022
Joey Odom
This is what my house looks like at 6 pm every night.

That's a 12 year old's phone, a 14 year old's phone, and a 41 year old's phone, totally separated from its owners, charging in the Aro box.

My favorite part is what my daughter does after phone-free dinner. She takes out her phone to tag "Family Dinner" on the Aro app. Every night. She loves it.

She wants to get “credit” for the time she spent away from her phone.

Before bed, she puts it right back in, and that’s where it stays until morning. It’s easy to think that phone-free family time is a thing of the past.

It’s easy to think that our kids are helpless when it comes to their phones. That it’s just part of life now. Believe me when I say I was the worst with my phone and I dreaded the day my kids would get phones. Aro has changed everything for me.

Who would have thought a 12 year old girl and a 14 year old boy (and their parents) would look forward to the experience of engaging in real life instead of being on their phones?

From experience, I can tell you it is possible. P.S. My phone has not slept next to me in a year. That alone is life-changing.

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Aro helps families put down their phones to connect, relax, and recharge.

Aro app leaning against the Aro Home device
A close-up, overhead shot of the Aro showing a phone charging in one of the slots.
A family is gathered in the living room. Teenage kids run around while the parents relax on the sofa.

Life happens off your phone

Make phone-free time a part of your daily routine with Aro.