Half the Year off My Phone - January Recap

February 2, 2023
Heath Wilson

One month into the year-long  challenge to put my phone down (and away, in Aro) for 12 hours each day. I'm 31 days in and have already spent 17 days and 7 hours away from my phone.

Here are 3 learnings…


It’s easy to understand the value of compounding when it comes to investing, exercising, or date nights with your significant other. Those small deposits over time lead to more financial freedom, better physical health, and a more connected relationship.

With my phone away, I’ve already noticed compounding gains in two key areas:

My THOUGHTS: my morning journaling and devotion time has led to more clarity. I’m reading and writing more. I’m no longer zig zagging between email and slack first thing. I’m learning, thinking, writing, and reflecting. My mind is sharp.

My FOCUS: personally and professionally, I’m focused on the Big Rocks. The 2-3 things that really matter. Before, I let the urgent and not important dictate my schedule. Sometimes I even let the not urgent and not important steal my attention. Already, I’m more centered. Compounding—it’s a level up from a streak 🔥🚀


I’ll sometimes proclaim… “Hey guys, I’m going to get some Aro time.” This normally results in 2-3 of my family saying that they want some Aro time as well.

Let me tell you and don’t miss this!

When you ask (tell) someone to put down their phone, the typical reaction is 😡… or a defensive explanation.

When you invite (and Aro is an invitation) someone to “Go Aro” with you, it’s a game changer. As we say around here, the easiest time to Go Aro is when someone else is doing it.


This one hurts a bit, but it’s true. I’m simply not that important… to the world anyway.

The earth keeps spinning, Aro keeps moving forward whether or not I respond immediately to an email. That said, I matter to a few people - my wife, my kids, my parents, my siblings, my friends, my colleagues. And it matters that I’m intentional when I have time with them. When I put my phone in Aro, it bestows value on everyone around me… and that’s what’s most important.

Here's a screenshot from my Aro app showing my intentional time away from my phone while it is in the Aro Home device.

Heath Wilson's Aro time from the Aro app
My recap from January

P.S. For February, I’m adding a new compounding goal… to hand write a gratitude letter each day.

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Aro helps families put down their phones to connect, relax, and recharge.

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A close-up, overhead shot of the Aro showing a phone charging in one of the slots.
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