Checking Your Phone is Contagious. So is Aro.

June 29, 2022
Rich Donnellan

Have you ever yawned because someone nearby yawned as well? It’s contagious. Research shows that just like yawning, checking your phone is contagious. A study published in the Journal of Ethology showed we are more likely to check our phones when someone around us checks theirs.  

According to social behavior expert, Elisabetta Palagi, “Most people get infected by other people’s mobile phone behavior, without even realizing it.” What we've seen with Aro is that not checking your phone, or the conscious act of putting down your phone, is infectious as well.

In group settings, putting your phone in Aro becomes contagious. When we “Go Aro”, everyone else wants to join. It’s like they have been looking for an easy way or system to help put down their phones but never found one until Aro.  

Could it be the subconscious chameleon effect of mimicking behavior? Maybe. But maybe we are all yearning for connection, conversation, and human interaction. We all know sometimes our phones get in the way of that.

Aro takes the pressure off putting down your phone and being present. Not to mention it makes it fun and rewarding.

Try it for yourself. The next time you are out to eat with friends or family, place your phone in the middle of the table and see what happens. You might get some weird looks at first, but my experience shows others will follow suit. Take that time to enjoy an uninterrupted meal and truly connect.  

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Aro helps families put down their phones to connect, relax, and recharge.

Aro app leaning against the Aro Home device
A close-up, overhead shot of the Aro showing a phone charging in one of the slots.
A family is gathered in the living room. Teenage kids run around while the parents relax on the sofa.

Life happens off your phone

Make phone-free time a part of your daily routine with Aro.