Alternatives to using your phone as your alarm

October 19, 2022
Katelyn Farley

When our team mentions that we sleep with our phones in the Aro smart box in a room separate from our bedroom, people tend to be shocked. We almost immediately get asked how we wake up if we aren’t using our phones as alarm clocks. We get this question so often that we decided it was time for us to share what alarm clocks we use instead of our phones.  


We love our Whoop bands. The entire Aro team wears one. Whoop is a wearable fitness band that measures your strain, recovery, and sleep. One of the band’s many features is its alarm clock, and what’s great about it is that it’s a no-sound alarm that wakes you up with gentle vibrations. And before you get worried about there not being sound, check out their blog all on the benefits of waking up with a no-sound alarm here (  



We’ve been using Loftie for a couple years. Loftie is a smart bedside clock that gently wakes you up with a two-phase alarm. It was designed to improve every aspect of your sleep from bedtime to morning! The clock is packed with a bunch of soft and melodic sounds to help you fall asleep faster or gradually wake up in the morning. Check them out:



Yes. A few of us wear both a Garmin watch and a Whoop band at the same time, though on different wrists. Garmin is a well-known technology brand that has loads of options when it comes to watches from higher-end to more affordable. Many of their watches feature an alarm clock like Whoop’s, where you can be woken up through vibrations, sounds, or a mix of the two.


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