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5 activities to do once you put down your phone

October 26, 2022
Rich Donnellan
Rich Donnellan
Head of Customer Experience

So you put down your phone. Now what? We've become so accustomed to being on our phones that sometimes a sense of anxiety can kick in when we do put them away. There's a name for that feeling. It's called nomophobia. Here are a few phone-free activities you can do to engage with friends and family and that will make you forget to check your phone.

Strike up a conversation

Weird, right? Just talking with the people we are with. Not sure where to start? TableTopics offers great conversation starters for any occasion.

Play a game

Games are another great way to pass the time with friends and family. We are big fans of the classics like Monopoly and Clue for the family. Cards Against Humanity is a fun game when it's just the adults in the room, and there's even a kid-friendly equivalent called Kids Against Maturity.

Read a book

The number one thing people tell us they would do when putting their phone down is read a book. That could be because it's basically the analog version of scrolling through their phones, but it has also become increasingly difficult to sit down and read a book without the ding or vibrate of our phones calling us away.

We are big readers at Aro, and a personal favorite is Atomic Habits by James Clear. It was a big inspiration for much of the Aro experience and creating an environment to successfully develop the habit of putting down our phones and engaging in real life.

Watch TV

Yes. We are saying it is OK to put down your phone to watch another screen. When is the last time you watched TV without being completed distracted by the screen in your hand? We hear story after story of people watching entire movies without looking up from their screen. A recent favorite of the Aro team is 14 Peaks, a documentary covering record-setting summits of the world's tallest mountains.

Take a nap

We've all been there. You get some time to relax and might be intent on taking a nap but end up scrolling on your phone for the entire time. Instead of getting some rest, you end up more tired. Leaving your phone in another room will make falling asleep so much easier.

Aro is not associated with or received any compensation from the products or brands linked in this article. These are all things we've tried ourselves and recommend as ways to spend some time off your phone.

Rich Donnellan
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Life happens off your phone

Make phone-free time a part of your daily routine.