25 ways to reduce screen time according to ChatGPT

January 26, 2023
Rich Donnellan

As a tech company looking to leverage technology to reduce our screen time, we wanted to see what ChatGPT, the technology everyone is talking about, has to say about it using tech a little less. We told it to "Give me a list of 25 tips for reducing screen time." The results talk about reducing all screen time, not specifically phones, and they are right in line with what we see from most experts.

25 Ways to Reduce Screen Time According to ChatGPT
  1. Set specific times of day to check your phone or computer.
  2. Use apps or tools that track and limit your screen time.
  3. Schedule regular breaks throughout the day to step away from screens.
  4. Keep your phone or computer out of reach when not in use.
  5. Use apps or tools that block distracting websites or apps during designated work or study time.
  6. Turn off notifications for non-essential apps or services.
  7. Use an alarm or timer to remind yourself to take breaks.
  8. Prioritize and focus on important tasks, rather than constantly switching between multiple tasks and screens.
  9. Turn off the television or computer when not in use.
  10. Find alternative activities to replace screen time, such as reading, exercise, or hobbies.
  11. Use the "Do Not Disturb" mode on your phone or computer during designated non-screen time.
  12. Use a blue light filter on your device to reduce eye strain and improve sleep.
  13. Avoid using screens before bedtime to improve sleep.
  14. Use an e-reader instead of a tablet or computer to read books.
  15. Keep your phone or computer in another room during meals or social gatherings.
  16. Use a standing desk to reduce the amount of time spent sitting in front of screens.
  17. Reduce the amount of time spent on social media by unfollowing or unfriending accounts that are not important.
  18. Take a walk or spend time outside instead of staring at screens.
  19. Reduce the amount of time spent watching television by recording shows and watching them later.
  20. Use a headset or earphones instead of holding your phone or computer to your ear.
  21. Use a voice assistant to complete tasks, rather than manually typing or clicking.
  22. Use a tablet or e-reader for leisure reading instead of a computer or phone.
  23. Turn off your phone or computer for an hour or two each day.
  24. Set a goal to spend less time on screens each day or week.
  25. Create designated screen-free zones or times in your home.

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