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The Aro platform. The Home device and the app

Step 1: Download the app

You can download and install the Aro app before your Home device is delivered. Your Aro membership covers everyone in the house so invite them to your account from the app and turn phone-free time into a fun group activity.

Get the app

Step 2: Set up your Aro box

It's as simple as unboxing and plugging it in. Install the app and place your phone inside the device to start tracking time spent away from phone. No pairing necessary.

Step 3: Schedule a call with us

That's right. We want to get on a call to answer any questions you have about getting started with Aro. Don't be shy.

Tips for Getting Started

Person placing their phone in the Aro Home device and closing the lid

Find a high-traffic area

The Aro Home device was designed to be seen. Not just because it looks nice, but because a key to building a habit is having a visual cue. Find a high-traffic area where you will be reminded to use it.

Aro box sitting on table by window

Make Aro the one place you charge

The Home device can charge up to four phones at once with four charging cables (included).  Ditch the chargers around the house and make Aro the one place you charge your phones.

A family places their phones in Aro.

Say "Let's Go Aro together"

Telling everyone to put their phones down can start an argument, but saying it is time to "Go Aro" takes some of the pressure off and makes it fun.

Hand holding phone with the Arp app open

Set a goal

Whether it's a few minutes or a few hours a day, that time adds up. One hour away from your phone every day means 15 days of quality, uninterrupted time regained each year.  

A family playing a board game

Make it a fun competition

Kids love getting credit for time away from their phone and the gamified experience of Aro. Set up a family challenge to see who can log the most Aro time. Of course, you all win because the real prize is what happens when you put down your phones.

A son greeting his dad as he walks in the door

Lead by example

Simply using Aro will get those around you to do the same. The Aro app will notify others in your house when you put your phone in the Home device. It's a gentle nudge for them to do the same.

A young girl placing her phone in the Aro box

No phones in the bedroom overnight

We want Aro to fit into your household rhythms, but one thing we do believe is kids shouldn't have their phones in their bedrooms overnight. The Aro app gives them credit for that time and also gives you peace of mind.

A person handing their child a phone

No phone. No problem.

Young kids without phones love Aro too. By putting your phone in Aro, you are showing them you are in the moment, and you are also modeling good phone habits for their future. Pro tip: hand your phone to them and have them place it in Aro for you.

Devious semikoli

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Contact us at support@goaro.com

  • How does my phone connect to the Aro Home device?

    The Home device connects to the app using Bluetooth, but without a complicated pairing process. The device automatically detects when your phone is placed inside the box. No pairing necessary.

  • Will I still get calls, texts, and notifications when my phone is in Aro?

    Yes. Aro does not disable any of your phone's functionality. You will still hear it ring or vibrate. We like to say your phone is out of sight but not out of service.

  • Does my phone need to be charging in order to connect and get credit?

    Your phone does not need to be plugged in to connect and get credit.

  • Does the Aro membership cover my entire family?

    Yes. We are all about helping families connect, so get everyone involved! You can invite them to join your account from the Aro app.

  • How many phones can connect to the Home device?

    The Aro home device will connect to and charge five phones at once.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Email questions to support@goaro.com

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