Break free from
your phone.

Join thousands of families using Aro in their homes to be fully present and ensure their kids develop healthy phone habits.


Introducing Aro

Aro is the first in-home digital wellbeing solution designed for families. The Aro platform ensures you don’t miss out on what’s most important by making it easy for everyone to put down their phones and be fully present.

"Our family LOVES our ARO. We're spending more and more time away from our phones every day, which is helping us relax and enjoy real life. ❤️"

Laura J Martin

App Store Review from Aro Member
devious Semikoli

Be a present parent

How many times have you found yourself mindlessly scrolling while your kids are trying to get your attention? Aro helps you put down your phone to be more present with your family.

of parents say they at least sometimes feel distracted by their phone when spending time with their kids.
Source: Pew Research
devious Semikoli

Teach your kids

Your young kids may not have smartphones yet, but they are certainly watching and learning from you. Aro allows you to model good habits to them before they ever get a smartphone.

of adults keep their phones within an arm’s reach all day.
Source: Forbes
Family having dinner without a phone in sight
devious Semikoli

Spend quality time together

We only get so much time with our kids--18 years goes by quickly. Aro helps both parents and kids put down their phones when it’s family time so you don’t look back wishing you spent more time with your family and less time on your phone.

of the time we spend with our kids in our lifetime will be spent by age 12.
Source: 1000 Hours Outside

The Aro App

The Aro app gamifies the experience of being off your phone. The app automatically connects to the Aro Home device, measures the time you spend away from your phone, reminds you to take breaks from your phone, shows you data to improve your phone habits, and even lets you connect and compete with others.

The Aro Home Device

It’s beautiful, designed to be seen, and packed full of technology. The Aro Home device automatically connects to your phone when it’s placed inside and starts measuring the time you spend away from your phone. Oh yeah. It charges five phones at once too.

“I don’t want my kids constantly seeing me with my head down to be normal. Aro gives us an invitation to put our phones away and allows us to be more present with each other.”

Shelly McIntosh, Mom of 2

“Aro holds us accountable for the time that we spend every day. Instead of looking down at our phones, we’re looking into our kids’ eyes, we’re playing with them, and we’re shaping our family in a more loving and powerful way.”

Clay McInnis, Dad of 2

“We’ve always had our kids keep their devices outside in the living room before they go to bed, but now our daughter loves putting her phone in Aro at night so she gets credit for her time away.”

Erin Burkhalter, Mom of 2

89% of interactions with our smartphones are self-initiated.

Source: Dr. Maxi Heitmayer

0% of people can use their phone when it's not in their hand.

Aro app leaning against the Aro Home device
A close-up, overhead shot of the Aro showing a phone charging in one of the slots.
A family is gathered in the living room. Teenage kids run around while the parents relax on the sofa.

Life happens off your phone

Make phone-free time a part of your daily routine.