Less screen time.
More real life.

Aro makes it easy to put down your phone so you can focus on the things that really matter.

A front-facing product shot of the Aro smart box. A phone rests against it showing the Aro app.
A woman reads a book in bed. The Aro smart box sits on a nightstand beside her.

Life, uninterrupted

More than just a box

The Aro smart box automatically connects to your phone through the Aro app, tracks your time away, and charges your phone while you re-charge.

It's your companion

The Aro app is your connection to the platform. It helps you set personalized goals, motivates, and encourages you to build the habit of putting down your phone.

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    Digital Retreat
  • Phone icon
    Mindful Phone Use
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    Family Connect
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    Personal Focus

Tell us what motivates you and we’ll help you find a good balance.

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1st Session
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3-Day Streak
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7-Day Streak
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    Great job Mistye! You regained 1 hour and 4 minutes.

You did something rewarding. You deserve to get credit.

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    May 2022
    43 Sessions

Look at all that time you spent away from your phone! Give yourself a pat on the back.

How it works

We make it easy to put down your phone.

A hand reaches out to place a phone in an Aro.
Step One

Drop your phone in Aro

Simply drop your phone in the Aro smart box.
It’s that easy.

A top-down shot of the Aro. The lid is closed on a phone is on top with the Aro app displayed.
Step two

It connects
to your phone

The smart box automatically pairs with your phone, tracks your time away, and charges your phone while you recharge.

A father steps through his front door. He greets his son as the places his phone in the Aro.
STEP Three

Live without interruption

Now the good stuff. Go enjoy intentional time with loved ones, focus on work, or unwind from a busy day.

Mockup of a phone showing the Aro profile screen
Step Four

Feel proud of yourself

You just did something great and should feel proud. The Aro app is here to help you hit your goals and remind you to do it again!

Out of sight. Peace of mind.

We'll hold your phone for a while so you can focus on the good stuff.

Be present

In conversations, at the dinner table, in moments alone.

Take a breath

Between meetings, before bed, on a walk.

Create space

For creativity, for family time, for new hobbies.

91% of adults keep their smartphones within an arm’s reach all day.

0% of adults regret a great conversation with an old friend.

Wide shot of a living room showing a low shelf with a record player. On top is the Aro with the lid closed.
Life, Uninterrupted
“I find it most useful at night so I can stay completely connected to whatever activity we are doing as a family.”


Mom of 2
Life, Uninterrupted
“It’s an easy way to be unplugged, and I don’t feel the stress to be on my phone constantly. I also love seeing my screen time decline!"


Age 14
Life, Uninterrupted
“Separating myself from my phone was key to focusing. I was amazed at how much I could get done without the distraction of my phone buzzing in front of me.”


Husband, Dad, Entrepreneur
Overhead photo of a family placing all their phones in Aro.
A girl places her phone in Aro
A man works at his kitchen table, writing in a notebook. The Aro rests on a kitchen countertop behind him.
A phone rests against the Aro displaying the profile screen of the Aro app.
A close-up, overhead shot of the Aro showing a phone charging in one of the slots.
A family is gathered in the living room. Teenage kids run around while the parents relax on the sofa.

Sometimes we need a little break.

Make phone-free time a part of your daily routine.

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