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We started Aro for our own families and we want to help yours.

It’s no secret that screen time is one of the biggest issues facing families today. And we’re not just talking about the kids! Joey and I both struggle with this amazing, captivating, infinitely-powerful tool that we call a smartphone.

We knew something had to change. We wanted to be better for our families and we wanted our families to be better.

So we created Aro. Aro leverages the science of habit formation and motivational design to ensure parents and kids don’t miss out on what’s most important by helping reclaim time spent on their phones.

We've seen the benefits in our own families, and now we want you to experience Aro in yours.

Heath Wilson & Joey Odom

Aro Ambassador

Sherry Dial

Wife | Mom of 3

Knoxville, TN

Sherry Dial

Northern born and southern raised, Sherry married her longtime college friend, Brent, and together they live in Knoxville with Team Dial: Peyton, Mia, and Christian. Her passion is helping brands grow through her own company Dial Services, LLC, which focuses on improving processes that spurs growth within organizations including her first clients, Alexis and Chante of Let's Talk Sis which has since expanded to include Sinclair DEI Consulting. Above all, Sherry is committed to discovering solutions to improve your business. She has an innate gift and skill to develop plans and gather people toward a targeted goal. She demonstrates great follow-through and makes sure the job gets done.

Q&A with

What inspired you to start Dial Services, LLC?

Every idea starts with a problem. For me, as a young mother of three children all under the age of 6, my problem was the constant struggle to prioritize work life balance. Consequently, I transitioned out of the workforce entirely for years.

From a connection with long-time friends, Mike and Jamie Taylor, I embarked on an opportunity to volunteer with the I Am Mom Summit. The I Am Mom Summit is an annual event founded to gather and connect moms. From that opportunity, I was introduced to the founders of 99 Walks, Joyce Shulman and Eric Cohen, where I worked remotely as an independent contractor. I enjoyed the flexibility of working with 99 Walks which has since expanded to include Jetti Fitness and the I Am Mom Summit so much that in an "ah-ha" moment during a 10-day quarantine, my husband, Brent, encouraged me to start my own consulting business. I've returned to my passion of internal auditing through my own company, Dial Services, LLC, and sell actionable recommendations that spur business growth through internal auditing & risk management services.

How would you explain Aro to someone who doesn't know it?

Aro is going to help me break the habit of constantly feeling the need to check my phone. It is going to encourage me to spend less time distracted and mindlessly on my phone and more time interacting with the people right in front of me. Aro is going to give me permission to take a break from my phone by using virtual rewards and tools that are proven to help me break this habit more effectively than what I could do on my own. I am super excited to have Aro in my home. My goal is to be more intentional with my phone usage so I can be more present and functioning when I am around people - especially my husband and children.

What's your favorite book?

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I'm happiest when.

I am reading books, eating ice cream, and walking outdoors.

Do you have a moment when you realized your phone was getting in the way of what's important to you?

Yes, the phone was getting in the way of my sleep. In an effort to troubleshoot the root cause of why I was so tired and having difficulty functioning throughout the day, I reached out to my doctor. From there, my doctor discovered the issue. I was spending an undisclosed amount of time late at night just scrolling my phone trying to unwind from the day at home with the kids. She recommended other options I could do to unwind that did not involve my phone. Since that moment, I have been sleeping 7-8 hours each night and more alert during the day. Total game changer!

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Give yourself some
digital space.

Find better phone-use rhythms so you can focus on a world outside of your phone.