See why families love Aro

A positive and practical approach to putting down our phones to be more present in the moments that matter

Parents and kids playing in tent

“Aro holds us accountable for the time that we spend every day. Instead of looking down at our phones, we’re looking into our kids’ eyes, we’re playing with them, and we’re shaping our family in a more loving and powerful way.”

Clay McInnis

Aro Member, Husband, Dad of 2

"When my kids grow up, I want them to remember their parents being present and engaged with them. I want them to remember that mom and dad didn't have their heads down reading the news or scrolling social media when we were spending time together."

Shelly M
Aro Member, Wife, Mom

“We’ve always had our kids keep their devices outside in the living room before they go to bed, but now our daughter loves putting her phone in Aro at night so she gets credit for her time away.”

Erin B
Aro Member, Wife, Mom

"Having a specified place to put my phone when I'm not using it has made staying off of it so much easier! I often find myself about to start a task with my phone beside me, to then quickly run and put it in Aro to make sure I'm getting credit for my time off of it."

Carly G
Aro Member, Teenager
A woman wakes up in bed. The Aro is in the foregound on a low table.Family having dinner without a phone in sight

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