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New Year's Challenge

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What is it?
Sometimes we need a little friendly competition, a gentle nudge, or motivating challenge to help us stick with our goals. You have a goal to be more present by putting down your phone, and we are here to help. We want to help you make phone-free time part of your daily routine, and there's no better time to start than the new year. Focus on being consistent with your Aro use this month to start truly making it a habit.

How does it work?
No need to opt in. Everyone is automatically part of the challenge and entered to win the free month. We've added a morning notification each day in January as a gentle reminder for you to put down your phone and be present with friends, family, or just relax by yourself.

How to track my progress?
In the Aro app of course. The new Challenges section of the Aro app displays your New Year's Challenge progress. Each day of use is indicated with a ✔️. Collect 23 to complete the challenge. You get credit for use if anyone in your household uses Aro that day, so make it an activity for the whole family.

What do I get?
You mean aside from the lifelong memories and connections you will make by not being distracted from your phone? Use Aro for 23 days in January and get a free month added to your membership.

Make it a fun competition

Kids love getting credit for time away from their phone and the gamified experience of Aro. Set up a family challenge to see who can log the most Aro time. Of course, you all win because the real prize is what happens when you put down your phones.

Lead by example

Simply using Aro will get those around you to do the same. The Aro app will notify others in your house when you put your phone in the Home device. It's a gentle nudge for them to do the same.

No phones in the bedroom overnight

We want Aro to fit into your household rhythms, but one thing we do believe is kids shouldn't have their phones in their bedrooms overnight. The Aro app gives them credit for that time and also gives you peace of mind.

No phone. No problem.

Young kids without phones love Aro too. By putting your phone in Aro, you are showing them you are in the moment, and you are also modeling good phone habits for their future. Pro tip: hand your phone to them and have them place it in Aro for you.

Devious semikoli

Helpful resources

There are some amazing organizations and individuals talking about how to make phone-free time a habit and what to do once you put down your phone

Screen Sanity

Screen Sanity seeks to help families and communities across America pursue digital health in order to reduce loneliness, depression, anxiety, and suicide in a socially isolated society. Their mission is to create a world where kids are captivated by life, not screens. Their Smartphone Toolkit is a great resource for anyone looking to set a good foundation for their kids as they begin their journey with a smartphone.

1000 Hours Outside

We are big fans of 1000 Hours Outside and their mission to get kids off screens to spend time outdoors. They are a great resource for activities to do outdoors and their podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking for more advice on screen-free activities for the family.

Tanner Clark

Tanner has a passion for helping teens and others live their best life and empowering them to live up to their potential. He has spent nearly 10 years working with youth and teens, learning from them, and helping them feel loved and valued. For the last 5 years he has used social media to inspire people to “Fix their Focus” on what matters most.

Justin Whitmel Earley

Justin Whitmel Earley does it all. He's a lawyer, author, speaker, husband, and dad of four boys. He frequently speaks at businesses and legal events on habits, technology, and mental health; and at churches and conferences on habits, spiritual formation, and parenting. He's also a big fan of putting down his phone and spending intentional time with his loved ones. Check out his books, The Common Rule and Habits of the Household, and follow him on Instagram for more great content.

James Clear & Atomic Habits

Our team doesn’t claim to be experts on habits, but we are quickly becoming experts on the experts of habits - reading everything we can find from experts such as James Clear, Charles Duhigg, Nir Eyal, Adam Grant, Justin Whitmel Earley, and so many more. Atomic Habits by James Clear is has influenced the Aro experience that makes putting away your phone easy and fun so you can be fully present in the moment with the people who matter most to you.

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The Aro Blog

Where we share some helpful tips, tricks, and stories about being more present away from our phones

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So you put down your phone. Now what? We've become so accustomed to being on our phones that sometimes a sense of anxiety can kick in when we do put them away.

Alternatives to using your phone as your alarm

When our team mentions that we sleep with our phones in the Aro smart box in a room separate from our bedroom, people tend to be shocked. We almost immediately get asked how we wake up if we aren’t using our phones as alarm clocks.

The Habit Loop

Whether it’s putting down your phone to be more present, eating healthier, or exercising more, the science of habit formation says there are a few keys to sticking with them. This week we share some of the concepts and methods from the best-selling book Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Are you teaching your kids healthy phone habits?

Or better yet...If you gave your kids a smartphone today, would you be proud of the habits they learned by watching you?

This one is for all the parents with young kids who don't have phones yet.